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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The show starts with a repeat of Friday’s cliff-hanger – Murphy coming out of the hotel and getting grabbed by the two men, Brenda coming out, the gunshot going off and Brenda and Sonny seeing each other.

A couple of fans ask Brenda for her autograph, which she gives as she smiles at Sonny. Two guys with guns make a grab for her, but Sonny pulls out his gun and he and Brenda make a run for it.

Patrick is annoyed to find Lisa scrubbing in to join his surgery and refuses to work with her. She tells him to put his pettiness away for the sake of the patient. Steven walks in and informs them that the patient has changed his mind and Patrick reminds him that they need to figure out a work schedule, because he no longer wants to operate with Lisa.

Robin finds the boiling teddy bear and runs down to the daycare to check on Emma. I love the girl that plays Emma. She was just standing there, eating her snack, probably wondering why the adults in the room were acting all freaked out.

Kristina’s friend insists that Michael jump in the water with her and really doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Michael flinches when she touches him and insists that he can’t get into any trouble. Michael and Kristina discuss his memories of prison, his options and how he doesn’t want to return to high school.

Dante wants Jason’s help in finding Sonny. Carly shows up and almost spills the beans on Sonny’s whereabouts. When Dante leaves, Carly declares that Sonny would be better off in prison than with Brenda, but Jason convinces her not to give info on Sonny.

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Maxie runs into Spinelli at the hospital and makes small talk. When Spin leaves, he spots Maxie talking and flirting with Matt. I’d feel sorry for him, if I, you know, gave a crap about him.

Robin confronts Lisa about boiling Emma’s toy. Lisa denies it all, saying she was in pre-surgery with Patrick. Robin punches Lisa in the face. Niiice! Steven suspends Robin. Lisa plays the victim with Maya, which Steven overhears.

Lucky overheard the altercation, took off to the lab with Maxie and decided he needs to clear Robin’s name, even though Maxie insists that Robin didn’t boil the toy. Mac shows up and tells Lucky to find forensic evidence to exonerate Robin.

Patrick goes home to find Robin packing. She’s taking Emma and going to stay at Mac’s.

Carly finds Kris and Michael at the club. Kristina tells Carly that Michael was jumpy around her friend. When Kris leaves, Carly questions Michael, who tells her he doesn’t want to return to school. Carly insists that he needs a high school diploma.

Spinelli, Jason and Dante work together to get evidence to help Sonny, although Jason is suspicious of Dante’s motives. Spinelli says there’s no video footage, but someone out there is shown looking at footage of Sonny shooting Johnny. My money is on Jax.

Brenda is grateful that Sonny helped her out her jam, but questions what he’s doing in Rome in the first place. They discuss various memories and then Sonny goes in for the kiss.

Note: This episode was interrupted by a news broadcast, and while I tried to find what I missed online, and think I did, there might be a snippet or two that I didn’t catch. My apologies if that’s the case.