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Praise Soap Jesus; TNT Picks up Dallas Sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run out right now and buy yourself a pair of stranglers, a 10-gallon hat and a briefcase! Deadline is reporting TNT has picked up the Dallas reboot!  Larry Hagman (JR)and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen)BETTER be involved is all I have to blog! Here's what TNT released to the popular Hollywood website about the new series that will reunite the volatile Ewings of Braddock County, Texas:


DALLAS – Executive producer Cynthia Cidre, writer of the acclaimed film The Mambo Kings and creator/executive producer of the TV series Cane, has crafted an update of the long-running series about the Ewings of Southfork, whose betrayals, jealousies and passions have made them famous. The story focuses on the offspring of bitter rivals and brothers JR and Bobby Ewing, who clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance. This project, based upon the iconic series created by David Jacobs, comes to TNT from Warner Horizon Television.

At least the primetime soap opera is alive and well. Now pardon me as I go and saddle up my horse so's I can go and help Bobby (The Bold and the Beautiful's Patrick Duffy) scare off some cattle rustlers, before heading into town to help ol' JR stage a takeover attempt of Westar! YEEEEEEE HAAAAAW!

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