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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason continues to wonder why Dante wants to help Sonny, and Dante insists he’s trying to find the truth. When Dante leaves, Jason asks Spinelli to look up all the information on Brenda. Spinelli goes on and on about Brenda’s beauty and wonders about her, but Jason tells him that Sam is better than Brenda in every way, and Sam overhears.

Brenda pulls away from the kiss and tells Sonny that she’s engaged. Sonny tells her that he jumped bail and why and goes on about the horrible person he’s been, only to have Brenda whitewash everything he says.

Patrick insists that Lisa is not a threat to Emma, but Robin is determined to move out. Robin heads over to Mac’s house and the two have a heart to heart about Emma’s safety. Robin is most upset that she defended Patrick all the while he had cheated on her. Mac is sweetly supportive and I love me some Mac Scorpio.

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Nikolas is not happy to hear that Steven suspended Robin, but Lisa plays the victim and insists that Robin is acting crazy and that her PPD might be back. Once she’s gone, Nik tells Steven that he believes Robin.

Lulu is preparing a romantic evening, only to have Michael walk in on her half naked. Lulu apologizes, dresses and heads over to Nikolas'. Dante comes home to an uncomfortable Michael, who insists he’ll go to his mother’s for the night to give Lante some privacy.

Lulu is annoyed to find Brook at Nikolas’ and even more upset to learn that Nikolas is supporting her. She has some choice words of caution for Nik and then she storms out. Lulu goes home to a randy Dante, but isn’t interested because she’s ticked at Nik and Brook. Dante eventually wears her down and the two make out.

Jax comes home to find Carly and Jocelyn waiting for him. After an evening with their daughter, Carly and Jax get their groove going. But when it’s over, Jax questions why.

Jason tells Sam that he’s working with Dante and is upset that Sonny seems to be taking risks by going to Rome to see Brenda.

Patrick stops by Mac’s house and is determined to work with Robin to help protect Emma. They cook up a plan to pretend to break up, to lull Lisa into a false sense of security so that Patrick can entrap her.

Patrick confronts Lisa at the hospital, in front of Steven, declaring that he and Robin are through. Lisa figures it’s for the best.

Brenda convinces Sonny to go back to his children and deal with the consequences of his actions. Sonny leaves as it begins to rain.