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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie and Robin are in the park with Emma, discussing the plan to mess with Lisa. Maxie’s worried that Lisa will catch on and become even crazier. Maxie feels Robin should cut Patrick some slack for the whole cheating thing.

Patrick asks Steven about lifting Robin’s suspension, that Robin isn’t the crazy one. Steven tells him he has to play this by the book for fear that Lisa will file a law suit against him and the hospital.

Lisa’s all smiles with Patrick, who continues to tell her that he’s not interested in her as a person or a surgeon. Lisa makes him a bet that in six months, he’ll realize how happy he is that his marriage fell apart.

Lulu and Dante discuss Sonny and how Dante now believes that Sonny is guilty, since he took off. Dante also feels everyone is better off without Sonny. Can’t disagree with him there!

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Jason tells Carly that Sonny called and is on his way back. Her first question is whether Brenda is coming with him. Apparently there was no mention of Brenda from Sonny. Jason mentions working with Dante to find out the truth, and this surprises Carly. I wonder why she didn’t question what Dante was doing at Jason’s apartment yesterday. Carly continues to blame Dante for everything bad that happened to Michael. Carly knows that something is wrong, that Michael flinches when someone touches him and that he’s not the same boy who went to prison. She hasn’t given up her vendetta against Dante.

Tracy comes to Lucky to ask him to find Luke, so she can have someone to yell at. She offers him a ton of money to do it and, since Lucky’s been feeling cabin feverish lately, he agrees. While Lucky is doing his preliminary search for his father, the Interpol guy shows up and asks Lucky to go with him. Lucky blabs on about Luke and his dealings, which the Interpol guy knows all about, but isn’t interested in. He’s more interested in Lucky, as he shows him a picture of someone who looks a lot like him.

Dante runs into Olivia at the hospital and questions her loyalty to Johnny. She admits she believes Sonny’s version of the story. Dante pays Johnny a visit and, again, questions his lack of a gun, but Johnny sticks to his story. Olivia arrives and asks Johnny for the truth, saying that she’s willing to stick by him, but he still sticks to his lie.

Alexis and Nikolas have a conversation about the goings on in their lives – Sonny, Kristina, Liz and Aiden. He mentions going to France for business and that he plans on bringing someone with him. Brook shows up and Alexis feels that it’s not a good idea, but Nikolas insists that their relationship is strictly professional.

Carly goes to Lulu to tell her that Sonny is on his way back. Lulu is concerned about Dante and how he will be torn between his badge and his criminal father. Carly assures her that Dante will compromise himself again.

With help from Maxie, Patrick heads over to the park to pick a fight with Robin, which Lisa gleefully overhears.

Dante and Jason go over the report of the shooting and when Jason reads that Ronnie was the one to find Johnny, he insists that Ronnie must have taken the gun. Dante backs Ronnie.