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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Kudos to Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo as Brenda and Sonny have not missed a beat. The story behind it though, not sure I’m behind it. I must admit, it sort of bores me. Of course there is plenty coming up for Ms. Barrett who will not be Mrs. Sinclair. Not that any of us are surprised, Brenda is not going to be paired with some movie star when she can be with a mobster. It’s The Balkan and his minions that are still an issue for the philanthropic model as Brenda makes another escape from The Balkan’s men. Suzanne makes a call to the States for help. Its Jason to the rescue as Suzanne wants him to travel to Rome to protect his ex-wife. Despite thinking Brenda is a royal pain in the you know what, Jason heads to Rome to check on her.

More flashbacks? That has been the enjoyable part, reliving the good old days of GH. It looks like we are going to be treated to more of them as Brenda goes down another trip of memory lane and all of her many men. When she returns to the hotel, Jason is there waiting for her. I must ask though, shouldn’t the writers be penning stories just as great as the ones we treasure and not just treating us to flashbacks? I can get those on YouTube.

Brenda hates guards, always has. Will she want Jason to protect her? Hell no! There is however only one thing that could get her to agree to let Jason be her knight in shining leather. Carly! When Carly calls and is pissed that Jason is in Rome and demands he come back to Port Charles, Brenda is more than happy to let Jason guard her. Brenda gives Jason his first assignment; he’s her date to a gala.

Kate? No way! It looks like the Lady of Crimson is making an appearance. Jax has a plan to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson. I must admit, it’s a genius idea to use Brenda in her ex’s magazine but I also must admit that I completely forgot Jax owned half of Crimson. Carly, of course, is not happy with the idea at all and accuses Jax of thinking of Brenda while they were hitting the sheets. Kate, who has never been Carly’s cheerleader, encourages her partner to go after Brenda once again. Can Jax convince Carly that Brenda is in his past? Carly and Jax both admit how much they love each other. Can these two make it work with Brenda on her way back to Port Charles?

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Johnny tells the truth! Ethan encourages his “boss” to come clean with what really went down on Baker Street. At first, Johnny just can’t get over how much he really hates Sonny. Will Dante and Jason be able to get through to these two thick-headed mobsters and convince them to call a truce? Johnny retracts his original statement and admits that he was carrying a weapon the night Sonny shot him. Once again, Sonny Corinthos gets off a free man.

Claire loves Sonny! Surprise, surprise, Sonny got the lady to fall for the dimples. Now she’ll never be able to prosecute the Godfather of Port Charles. Even though Sonny admits to Dante that Claire is simply a rebound from another woman, he still takes her to bed. Question, can you really still be rebounding eight years and what, three marriages later? At the very least, are you still allowed to use that excuse?

There are two stories I am really enjoying right now. Oneyou all may be very shocked, the other, I think we all agree on. Let’s start with the shocking since it’s not my favorite of the two, but still a very good storyline. Despite my still undying preference for Drew Garrett (ex-Michael), I am enjoying the story of Michael’s struggles to acclimate back into the normalcy of life in general. His concern over returning to Madison Prep, his very adult conversation with Jax and real talk with his sister Kristina have all been very well written. Not to mention the simple fact that his current living situation has the poor boy just not seeming to fit anywhere, walking in on a half naked Lulu and now he’ll also walk in on scantily dressed Sam who is expecting Jason, not his nephew. If that’s not enough, he’ll also walk in on his mom and Jax. Despite all his contemplations and concerns, Michael ultimately decides to return to Madison and face the music. On his very first day back, a friend of Kiefer’s starts a fight with Michael as Kristina watches in fear. As his guardian, Dante is called in to the school as Michael could be facing expulsion.

The best story going on right now… Scrubs and Lisa! I’ve been back and forth throughout the duration of this story, mostly though, I’ve felt they have been going in the right direction. What I like most about it is that it’s very soapy. What’s next for the psycho doctor and troubled Scrubs? A lot of pretending on Robin and Patrick’s part, well pretending may be a bit of an exaggeration. While Scrubs really don’t know where they stand right now as a couple, they do know where they stand as parents and they need to expose Lisa Niles first and foremost. Patrick plants seeds with Lisa by saying Robin is overreacting and Robin “happens” upon the conversation starting a fight with Patrick. Steven is on Team Scrubs as they want Lisa to reveal who she really is. The PCPD will act as their secret meeting place and Robin fakes an angry fit when Lisa objects to her suspension ending. The plan involves Patrick turning on the charm with Lisa and showing some fake feelings for Dr. Niles. Robin wants to go full steam ahead. Patrick, however, has some loose lips and Lisa hears him tell Maxie that the trip away with Lisa is all part of their plan to expose her. With this knowledge, just how psycho will Lisa get? She asks a nurse to get her some heavy tranquilizers and once again goes after Robin through her HIV meds. Is this when Robin “sees” Stone?

Ireland? Lucky heads off to Ireland and like father like son takes on the identity of a terrorist named Ronan O’Reilly who apparently looks just like him. Ronan’s latest victim left a girlfriend behind and she confronts Lucky. Can Lucky smooth talk his way out of it like any good Spencer would? Why is The Balkan knocking on Ronan’s (Lucky) door? Bound and in a warehouse is how Lucky come to, but who knocked him out?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Why Spinelli what is that picture you are hiding? Shouldn’t Sam see Jason kissing Brenda? Are Olivia and Johnny getting another chance? Lulu is going to Ireland, with or without her boyfriend. Dante will be with her as Lulu and Dante almost blow Lucky’s cover. The Balkan’s goons get to Brenda and drug her. Matt is clued in on the plan to take down Lisa. Lulu and Carly both warn Nikolas about Brook Lynn. Is Robin getting locked in the morgue? Will I finally get one of my wishes? RUMORS are out there that Sarah Webber is coming back to town. Jason and Brenda return to Port Charles together. Carly feeds into Sam’s insecurities about Brenda. Guess whose moving back into the Penthouse? Spinelli makes sure she’s pretty in pink. When psycho doc story is over, will Lisa be leaving? What is Dante hiding? Lucky meet Siobhan. When Elizabeth returns, the men in her life have changed in the short time she’s been away.