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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Lots of JR, Marissa, Annie and Scott coming up… Lord help us! Sorry, I dread any time when Marissa graces the screen. Scott I can handle – Marissa, not so much, probably because the character bores me to death. If it wasn’t for Annie and JR, I would have no use for this storyline at all. Apparently though, the writers are all over this one. JR and Marissa have AJ to fight over. JR has Scott to take down. Asher is JR’s little errand boy when it comes to getting the goods on Caleb. Annie is the driving force behind Scott. My question is when are we going to get back to JR and Annie? I know, I declared I didn’t mind Annie and Scott, and I still don’t, but they are the only thing that really keeps this interesting.

Marissa and JR argue… you don’t say? They’ve been arguing for months now. First it will be about JR’s plan to take his cousin down. Then, they’ll fight over AJ and JR hiding that their son was in a fight at school. AJ will hear his parents battling it out. Is JR at fault for his son’s behavior? Marissa seems to think so. Krystal thinks Marissa should stop fighting with JR and learn to work with him for the sake of their son. Can they play nice in the sandbox? How does Annie fit into AJ’s woes? She finds him hiding in the bushes while JR and Marissa are in battle over him.

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Asher… JR’s little “assistant” isn’t all that honest, as the college he says he attended has no record of him actually being there. His less than honest ways come in handy, though, as he breaks into Wildwind and gets some info on Caleb. First, he downloads Caleb's schedule for JR. Then, later, Asher calls JR when he gets into Caleb’s computer. Is dishonesty Asher’s only fault? Nope! Apparently he’s handy at assault and theft too. Asher takes a piece of wood to Caleb’s head and steals a contract that he later gives to JR.

Annie wants Scott to meet with Caleb. JR is behind a press release that does not make Scott look good and Annie has had enough. Annie, Scott and Caleb all meet. Caleb wants Scott to be his partner against JR, but Scott isn’t interested. What has Scott changing his mind as he calls Caleb later to discuss the partnership further? Annie wants JR to fess up to why he’s so hell-bent on putting his issues with Scott out in the open.

The Murder… Madison might know who used the poison. Jesse tells Liza that victim ingested the poison from a glass they were using. A glass with only the victim’s fingerprints on it. Does Liza know who the killer is? A witness to the murder wants to be questioned, hoping they can remember what happened that night. Is Kendall trying to save a loved one by framing someone else? Jesse finds a vial in someone’s glove box.

Do we like Caleb and Krystal? I liked the idea of Krystal opposite Jackson but, of course, they went with Jackson and Erica – with a little Caleb thrown in. Krystal is smitten with Caleb and happy with how things are. Does Caleb feel the same way about her? When Krystal asks Caleb about Erica, Caleb changes the topic.

CRAZY and RANDOM… The craziest thing? I have nothing on Ryan and Greenlee. Randi wants Madison to stay away from Frankie. Frankie wants Randi to have a baby. How will that fit into her new modeling career? Kendall is worried about Zach learning that she’s up on criminal charges. Tad wants Liza to move Kendall’s court date up. JR and Caleb fight. Will Kendall only get Community Service? JR wants to turn Colby against Scott. Bianca and Amanda have a heart to heart.