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All My Children's Rebecca Budig on David's Murder: "I'm Guessing Ryan Did It"

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Was it the wife that offed her husband? TV Guide'sMichael Logan talks with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) about who snuffed out devilish Dr. David (Vincent Irizarry).

TV Guide Magazine: So Greenlee becomes the prime suspect? That's a good sign. Prime suspects are never guilty on soaps.

Budig: She kinda did it to herself. She writes the [suicide] letters and forges David's signature, but that's not all that's pointing to her guilt. Greenlee thinks Ryan [Cameron Mathison] did it because she found a vial of the poison that killed David in Ryan's jacket, but instead of destroying it she leaves it in her glove compartment. How dumb is that? So she gets caught and now people think she killed David. I'm guessing it was Ryan who did it and I bet he gets away with murder.

Budig sounds off on the controversy surrounding Vincent Irizarry's status at All My Children.

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TV Guide Magazine: What do you make of this Irizarry drama?

Budig: I don't know! He was very mum about everything on the set. I didn't even know he was leaving until I read it in a script and I'm like, "Vincent...?" And he said, "Yeah, babe, I'm gone." And that's all he'd say. I was really taken by surprise and I'm sure everyone else at the show was, too. I'm amazed it stayed a secret as long as it did.

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