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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny’s ready to leave the hospital when Ethan shows up. Ethan tells Johnny to tell the truth, for the sake of Kristina and the rest of Sonny’s kids. Johnny admits to Ethan that he had a gun and would have shot Sonny if not for being distracted by the construction guy.

The construction guy shows Dante and Jason the footage of the shooting, which from that angle, only shows Sonny shooting, and not whether Johnny had a gun in his hand. Dante figures out a plan to convince both Sonny and Johnny to a truce.

Sonny’s wondering why Claire wants to send an innocent man to prison, and Claire reminds him that while he may be innocent of this act, he isn’t an innocent man. She tells him she’s gotten too close, is not impartial, and will ask her higher-ups to reassign her. There goes my Claire/Lucky hook up.

Two men grab Brenda and haul her out, only to be stopped by paparazzi. Brenda manages to escape and run back to her room. Suzanne shows up, concerned with Brenda’s safety. Murphy arrives with the same concerns, but Brenda tells him she can’t go with him, because she has unresolved feelings for someone else.

Carly tells Michael that Sonny is back in town. They discuss high school again, and he admits that he’s worried about his rage issues, since prison taught him to react. She convinces him to give it a try and he agrees.

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Kristina goes to see Sonny at the PCPD and asks why he came back. He insists that he’s innocent and wanted to prove it. She admits that she’s glad he’s back and wonders where he went, but all he says is that he got some good advice.

Jax tells Maxie to let Kate know that he wants to do a story on Brenda and put her on the cover of the next issue. Maxie’s not sure how that will fly, since the next issue is already under way, but Jax throws his weight around.

Ethan finds Kristina in the park and they have a lovely conversation about Sonny and Johnny and how she’s not sure who to believe. He convinces her not to get too close to the whole thing and stop worrying what everyone else thinks.

Carly shows up to Jax’ office to discuss Sonny’s return and Michael agreeing to go back to school. They get randy right there in the office. When Maxie returns with Kate’s approval for the magazine idea, Jax tries to blow her off. Carly insists on seeing who’s going to be on the magazine cover, only to be seriously pissed that it’s Brenda.

Dante shows Johnny the pictures from the video and threatens to arrest Johnny. Since Johnny has no idea that the pictures don’t show him holding a gun, he admits to Dante that he had a gun, but assumes someone came along and took it. He agrees to a truce with Sonny.

Jason talks Sonny into a truce. Sonny says he’s committed to it, because he feels he’s better than this. Dante brings Johnny to the PCPD for a sit down with Sonny. Olivia arrives and gets her panties in a bunch and I just want her to shut up already. Johnny’s not giving up his territory. Sonny agrees to leave him alone, so long as Johnny stays away from the Corinthos kids.

Jason and Sam are having a nice moment, discussing a possible trip to Greece, when Johnny gets a call from Suzanne, regarding Brenda. And I must say, I completely don’t understand Brenda’s story. She’s the face of exploited children, so someone wants to kill her to shut her up. Won’t that just bring more publicity if you kill the super model? Won’t the company just hire another person to take over Brenda’s work? Did I miss something, somewhere?