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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Taylor: Dr. Hayes is bothered by Steffy wanting to go up against Hope for yet another man.

Brooke: She has words with Steffy regarding her true agenda with Liam.

Oliver: He lets Liam know he is behind Hope dumping him.

Thomas: At a Forrester meeting, Thomas backs Brooke against his grandmother and sister. Thomas ends up being at odds with the Stephanies.

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Stephanie: She keeps being hostile and spiteful with Brooke.'

Bill: Dollar Bill spots a text message Brooke sends Katie and decides to use the intel for his own benefit.

Amber: Ms. Moore's new clothing line prepares for debut with the full support of Nick.

Bridget: She is in the middle of a problem between Owen and Jackie.

Jackie M fashion show: Watch for drama to unfold when a guest shows up and someone is embarrassed. The press is on hand when a stunning announcement is made.

Rick: He plots to seduce Jackie in front of Owen, positive it will destroy their marriage (WTF? Where did this come from?).