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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Ronan/Nina: Hell hath no fury like Nina Webster! She attacks Ronan and forces him to reveal the truth. Ronan finally admits he is her long lost baby boy and he’s known for years. Cricket arrives on the scene and Nina asks her if she’s known about Ronan all along. Cricket admits she has resulting in Nina blowing up on her. Meanwhile, Paul informs Jill, Katherine and Philip of Chance’s death. Cricket heads over to the Chancellor mansion to speak with Nina, but Nina slams the door on her. Ronan is hauled off to jail by Meeks, while Owen tries to cover his involvement. Ronan lets Owen know he’s going to bust him for everything, but Owen says it will be the word of a cop versus a D.A. Paul tries lend a shoulder for Nina to lean on, but she resists him. Later, Owen swings by the Chancellors with a warrant in hand. Secretly he's there to plant evidence that Chance was a dirty cop.

Nina lets him know her son was an honest man. Owen informs her all good drug dealers convince everyone they are nice guys. Afterwards, Nina goes to see Cricket and wants some answers. Cricket wants to help Nina,  but Nina lets her know never come back. Heather visits Ronan and lights into him for killing Chance. Ronan claims it was in self defense. Ronan wonders if Heather would’ve taken a bullet for Chance. She admits she would have. Heather vows to have him sent to prison for what he’s done and tries to be his prosecutor. Chloe tells Billy about Chance’s death and she breaks down in his arms. The fashionista sees Ronan and tears into him for killing Chance and hopes he dies in prison. Get ready for hellcat Nina, she is determined to avenge her Chance’s death.

Victor/Victoria: The new Mrs. Abbott is still in disbelief about The Black Knight having her arrested for bribery. Victoria wonders to Nick if Victor has in fact snitched to the authorities. Nick tells her he wouldn’t put it past their father to go this far. Meanwhile, Jack chats with Ashley about how Victoria’s arrest is a huge win for them in their quest to obtain Beauty of Nature. Later, Nikki lets Victor have it for having their child arrested on her wedding day. Nikki rubs it in Victor’s face that his plan backfired. Victoria  married Billy despite her father's antics. Nikki even goes so far as to say Billy’s love for their daughter is greater than Victor’s for his kids.

Billy heads to the ranch blazing mad. He demands to know how Victor could have his pregnant daughter arrested. Victor counters to his new son-in-law that he would do anything to prevent Delia from marrying a no good player just like him. Billy lets Mr. Mumbles know he’s retired his player card since falling for Victoria. Victor tells him he’s not buying what he’s selling. Vance informs Victoria he’ll see what he can do for her, but finds out she won't be released until the next day. When Victoria sees Victor, she lets him know she can be sentenced to 20 years for his actions. Victoria is hellbent on making her marriage last and is done with Victor.

Ronan/Cricket: They crash Chance’s funeral. Cricket pleads with Nina to let her explain everything.

Brock: He arrives in Genoa City to be there for his family.

Katherine: Chance’s death takes a number on the grande dame. Kay collapses outside of the funeral and is rushed to the hospital.

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Neil/Sofia: The pair tries to get along when they find out they will be working closely on a project for Tucker.

JT: He issues a warning to Victoria.

Abby: The naked heiress starts to wonder if she’s doing the right thing after seeing Victor in action with Victoria. Abby decides on the right course of action.

Philip/Cane: Philip tells Cane he can’t return to Australia and the twins and Lily must be protected.

Meggie: She keeps manipulating Nikki to drink.

Nikki: She succumbs to temptation.

Jack/Skye: The two become close.

Noah: His return and new attitude shocks his parents..