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LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Monday

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Hello Everyone! It is with a heavy heart that I live blog the final week of As The World Turns. The 54-year old sudser leaves the airwaves this Friday and I can only hope to do it some justice with this live blog! Hopefully, Chris "Gut My Show" Goutman doesn't screw it up too badly. Drop me a line in the comments about the show, your favorite character, favortie storyline or just whatever's on your mind about the show. We'll be starting shortly!


We start with Jack and Carly in bed and who couldn't be a winner with those two! I love seing them all lovey dovey!

Flash to Sage bringing Jack and Carly breakfast in bed but Parker stops her. Sage let me tell you girl, you go in there right now, you might be scarred for life by what you see. Sage wants them to get married but Parker thinks that's when all the trouble starts. True facts Parker, True Facts!

Liberty is sulking over getting into F.I.T in NYC when Faith comes in and talks to her about it. Liberty says she's not going and I continue to not care.

Janet and Dusty are being all lovely dovey. Janet wants to take care of him after the whole Blackie fiasco. I will never understand why they named a new character Blackie. Jesus Take The Wheel.

Back to Sage, Jack, and Carly. Sage is looking at Jack and Carly's wedding album. Jack and Carly get the hint and Jack think's she on to something. We shall see.

More Faith and Liberty and Guess What?? I STILL don't care.  Oh wait, Parker just showed up. I'll care a little bit more.

Janet and Dusty need each other. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Back to Faith, Liberty, and Parker. Liberty tells Parker about not wanting to go to school. She needs to help her mom with the new baby.

Janet and Dusty are getting a little hot and heavy but Janet's belly is too big. How many of you pregnant couples have ever had that problem? I don't why but these scenes always crack me up. Janet wants to postpone things until Dusty feels better. If you just lay on your side, it would solve all your problems....Lawd, let me stop before I get in trouble. LOL!

Janet just had a contraction. Looks like it's baby time!

Jack and Carly talk about getting married. Carly thinks when they get married is when things startt fall apart but Jack starts to convince her otherwise. Jack looks at Carly like only he can and she's starting to melt...or maybe that's just me melting. Carly has her doubts that they can really make their marriage work this time. She thinks they might be setting each other up for failure. Commercial time on Jack and Carly! DAMN!

Aaand we're back! Jack: "We're not going to fail!" I believe you Jack! Carly is still unsure. Jack talking about them being flawed. He also talks about the first time he kissed her he saw a future with her. *Swoon* Jack says they can't afford to quit and they have to make a decision. He thinks they can do it.

"It's you and me forever Carly! Say it!" Carly says the same thing back to Jack and I crack up. Jack finally convinced her but she wants to know exactly what their saying here. Come on Jack, get down on that knee.

Liberty talks to Parker about not going to F.I.T. She says it's easier to stay home. Parkr tells her he's not going to college either but he wants to do something else with his life. He whispers it in her ear. I bet he wants to be a cop!

Jack tells Carly he's always loved her and he never stopped. I'm now officially a puddle of mush! Jack gets on one knee to propose to Carly and his phone rings! DAMMIT!! It's Janet calling about her possible contractions. Carly looks upset and annoyed! I feel your pain Carly!

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Mid-Show Bumpers Already! Sweet Mercy the last live Monday episode of As The World Turns is half way over.

Janet and Dusty at the hospital! Janet says she feeling much better. Dusty runs into John Dixon! I've decided that John Dixon makes everything better! Janet talks about all the wonderful things she's heard about John Dixon. His reply: "On Thursdays, I walk on water!" LMFAO! John Dixon where have you been all these years? We needed you!

Janet is getting an ultra sound. The doctor says it's Braxton Hicks but she has one big baby. They may have to induce if he gets too big.

Janet comes out of the room to be met by Jack and Carly. Janet shows Jack a picture of the baby and Carly looks like she could cut a bitch! Bless Carly's Heart! She's trying!

Janet and Dusty teleport to the Snyder Farm. I hate when they do these teleporting things. Is it really that hard to show another scene and then show the same people from before at a different location! MERCY! I swear I need to be a continuity editor!

Dusty tells Janet about something and he leaves. Faith walks in and Janet asks her about Liberty's whereabouts. Faith spills the beans about Liberty getting getting into F.I.T. but not wanting to go. Liberty and Parker walk in and Janet gives Liberty "The patented mom says your full name you know your in trouble" spill about not going to F.I.T.

Carly and Jack are back at Carly's. Carly wants to know about that question he wanted to ask her before the phone rang. Rut Roh! Jack doesn't think he should have started all that talk. He doesn't think they should be even thinking about starting a future right now. What. The. Hell. Jack. Change your mind much? Carly looks floored!

Carly wants to know if Jack has changed his mind about their relationship. Jack says "No. Yes. Yes and No. I don't know, I mean I know I want to be with you." Jack talks aobut the strain the new baby will put on the relationship. They two go back and forth on the baby and it's some pretty heartbreaking stuff. Jack and Carly can break me down in 2.1 seconds and they've done it again.

Back to Janet and Liberty. Janet wants Liberty to go but Liberty thinks her mom will need her help. Janet says she can do it by herself but she's done it before. Liberty says she was younger then! Ouch...and the ref takes a point away! Janet starts to convince Liberty that she can do it and wants Liberty to at least consider going to F.I.T. They hug it out and we flash to John and Dusty.

They talk about Janet's baby. Dusty feels the baby is his. He thinks Janet is further along than everyone thinks she is and that baby is his. Well, wouldn't that be the Jack/Carly miracle! Dusty leaves and John Dixon swipes the Dusty's coffee cup. I bet John's going to do a paternity test on the baby once it's born.

Jack and Carly still talking about their doubts about their relationship. They start getting playful again. Jack asks her to go bowling on Thursday. Carly says it's a major committment! Carly jokes a bit more and cuts straight to the point with Jack.

Carly: "So, are you gonna ask me that question or not?"

Jack: "What? You mean the one where I ask you to marry me?

Carly: "Yeah. That One!"


We're Back. Jack:"Well, Do You?" Carly says she's thinking. Sweet Mercy. They talk about the baby some more.Carly says they can do anything as long as their together! Jack gets on one knee and puts Carly on his knee. Jack tells Carly that she is his universe and he is absolutely nothing without her. He asks her to marry him one more time and Carly accepts. They kiss. Jack Swoons. Carly Cries. Mel Cries and is once again a puddle of mush.

Liberty confronts Faith about spilling the beans to her mom. Liberty thinks Faith did it to get closer to Parker agrees. Faith thinks Parker should like "like totallly get over himself" Parker leaves and Liberty tells Faith that she "like totally needs to change her attitude!". Mel feels like someone transported her into the movie Valley Girl! Jesus Be A Fence.

Dusty visits Janet and she's still upset about Liberty. Dusty calms her and that baby kicks. Dusty tells Janet he's not going anywhere.

Jack asks Carly if he should get her another engagement ring. Carly says she has the other one. Jack can't believe she kept it. Sage and Parker walk in and they already know the news. They saw Jack proposing at the door and decided to give them a moment. Parker asks if they're sure about this. Jack and Carly say of couse they are. Sage wants to know when the wedding is. Jack wants to wait til the baby is born but Carly has other ideas. Carly thinks they shouldn't wait and have the wedding tomorrow. No one disagrees, and the family has a big group hug!

Now if it was me, I'd spend the whole week planning the wedding. I'd bust out those old commercials from back in the day when a wedding was promoted the whole week and make it a HUGE affair. Then on Friday, they get married in a beautiful ceremony but with a bunch of shenanigans. But that's just me.

Previews for tomorrow: ROSANNA is back with Red hair! It's about time. Let's hope she acts like the real Rosanna and not this cheap watered down version of the past couple of returns! Molly's back for Carly's wedding. And the biggest Not-So-Surprise, Janet's going into labor tomorrow!

Tune in tomorrow for As The World Turns! Same time. Same Station. Same Website. Thanks for joining me! See y'all tommorrow!