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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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A set up, the beginnings of a custody battle and disappearing dead body shake things up in the town of Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of September 13th.

Todd/Dani/Ross: Todd and Dani come clean to one other about their lies concerning Ross and it brings them closer together. Dani shows Todd the cryptic text message she received. Before Todd can investigate the text message, Ross shows up at his door. Todd and Dani are floored to see him. Ross tells Dani he sent her the text message. Todd isn't pleased and begins to interrogate Ross about his connection to Eli's crimes. Ross maintains that he had nothing to do with the crimes and reveals his reason for showing up at Todd's. Ross pulls out a copy of Tea's will that names him as Dani's guardian. Todd is rocked to read the details of the will in fine print. Todd doesn't believe Tea would want it that way and thinks Eli and Ross are behind Tea's will naming Ross the legal guardian.

Ross leaves and is soon caught by John. Ross tells John about Tea's will and John replies that the will must be probated before anything can happen. Ross is released from custody and John has him followed. Todd and Ross continue to fight over Dani, as Tea's memorial service gets closer. Will Ross get custody of Dani?

Jessica/Brody: Jessica believes her confession about the baby's paternity has driven Brody away. However, they talk and Brody tells her his feelings for her remain the same. The couple reunites and begins to plan a future together. Will Brody ever come clean about his one night stand with Natalie?

Eli/Greg: Greg can't believe his eyes when he opens the door to Tea's hospice room and Eli is waiting for him (Side Note: I feel like I'm losing brain cells by watching this Eli story. I've lost count on the number of soap opera clichés in this story alone. Sigh.) Eli tells Greg exactly how he faked his own death. Greg examines Eli and discovers he has a subdural hematoma or a brain bleed.

Eli chooses not to deal with it right now and tells Greg he needs a favor from him. Eli wants Greg to give him plastic surgery to look like Ross. Eli tells Greg that he wants to become Ross because his brother will soon get something very valuable the he wants. Somehow, Eli manages to get a recording of Todd's bribe and offer to kill Ross (Side Note: Mel's head turns sideways in confusion. Really OLTL?? Really?). Will Greg give Eli the surgery?

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Natalie/John: Natalie is shocked to find out about John's doubts of Eli's death. John and Natalie get Renee to let them into Eli's room at the Palace, so they can collect a DNA sample to compare to the burned body they found in Tahiti. Natalie finds some DNA and they take it back to the police station. Before they can test it, the two discover that the burned body has mysteriously disappeared. Will John and Natalie figure out that Eli is alive before disaster strikes?

Cristian/Layla: Layla stops Cristian right before he is about to turn down the grant and artist-in-residence position. Layla thinks they should both accept their jobs and travel to see one another. Cristian believes they should get married as soon as possible. Layla disagrees and thinks they should lengthen their engagement for a year to make sure they can survive anything. Cristian doesn't like the idea but eventually comes around to it. Will Cristian and Layla be able to make a long distance relationship work?

Kelly/Dorian/Rex/Gigi: Kelly manages to get Dorian out of her room and takes her to the Palace for a meeting with Bo and Nora. After the meeting, Kelly looks for Rex and offers him another job to find David Vickers. Rex takes the case and heads to meet Gigi. When Rex tells Gigi about his new case, she wonders if Kelly is trying to get closer to Rex. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to cheer Dorian up by suggesting they role-play as a way for Dorian to get out some pent up aggression. Kelly plays David and Dorian ends up punching her. Are Gigi's suspicions about Kelly's motives correct?

Bo/Nora/Clint/Inez: Clint fills Inez in on Nora's story with the Buchanan family. Later on, Bo and Nora have an extremely awkward dinner with Clint and Inez at the Palace. Will Clint use Inez to cause problems between Bo and Nora?

Ford/Langston: Langston fills Kelly in on Ford's latest snafu. Later on, Langston visits Ford and tells him she is ready to give him another chance to prove he's a changed man. Ford is thrilled by Langston's change of heart. Ford wants to take Langston to bed but she isn't ready yet. Instead, Langston gives Ford a toe-curling goodbye kiss. Once Ford is out of view, Langston pulls out a camera with photos of the kiss. She sends the photos to Dean of Llanview University and has Ford fired. How will Ford react to Langston's actions?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (September 20th):

  • James and Starr Kiss
  • Tea’s Will Probate begins
  • Langston runs into Markko
  • Everyone is suspicious of Ross
  • Clint gets a date with Inez
  • Matthew busts Rex going through Clint’s files