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ATWT's Maura West: "Why Not Y&R"?

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As The World Turns veteran Maura West spoke with TV Guide'sMichael Logan about obtaining the role of Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's backtrack. When were you actually offered the Y&R role? There were rumors about you going there long before it was announced.

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West: I was hearing those same rumors before I'd ever spoken to anyone at Y&R. I hadn't even spoken to my agent about doing another daytime show. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I kind of liked the idea of having a little bit of freedom and maybe not going to another soap right away. But even friends were calling and saying, "So...Y&R, huh?" And it was all supposition! I think it became like a game of Telephone where somebody mentioned it because they thought it was a good idea and pretty soon people were repeating it as fact. But you know what? Those rumors gave me a great idea. Why not Y&R? I certainly liked the idea of staying at CBS. From my understanding, it was my agent who actually called them. They weren't running around looking for me.

West also gives a little tidbit on what's to come when Diane returns to Genoa City.

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, Diane will come back to town and force herself into Jack's life, insisting that her son Kyle — the result of that sperm screw-up — really needs his father's attention. At that point in the story, Jack will be canoodling with Phyllis. Should we expect a Phyllis-Diane smackdown?

West: [Laughs] Diane will really enjoy tormenting people with her presence — especially Phyllis.