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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Brady/Vivian: Brady sees his mother's tomb is empty and wants answers from Vivian. Madame Alamain conks Brady over the head with a vase to buy some time. When Mr. Black wakes up he spots a receipt Vivian dropped and wants to know what she's done with his mother's remains. Brady finds out from the receipt Viv has placed Isabella's remains at a pet cemetery. 

Brady decides turnabout is fair play and places Vivian inside the sarcophagus! At first Viv thinks Brady is just going to mess with her for desecrating his mother's final resting place but starts to see he is hell bent on revenge. Vivian pleads with Brady to let her out and apologizes for what she's done, but he doesn't budge. Watch for this storyline to continue for a few months and Brady to revel in making Vivian suffer. Brady will visit Viv to constantly torment her.

Carly: She and Ciara get close.

Brady: His new found swagger amazes Grandpa Vic.

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Rafe/Arianna: The siblings once again have a heated confrontation.

Will/Sami/Rafe: Sami tries to cover her tracks with Rafe. Later, Sami asks Will if he's going to turn her in, but he says he's going to stay mum about everything. Meanwhile, Rafe and Stefano along with Kate start to wonder if Will shot EJ due to his behavior. Sami and Will stonewall Rafe when he starts to question the teenager. Rafe isn't looking to bust Will, he wants to protect him before Stefano figures everything out. Rafe knows the Phoenix will kill now and ask questions later and doesn't want that to happen to Will.

Kate: She ponders confessing speaking to Sami. Kate breathes a sigh of relief Stefano doesn't think Will had anything to do with shooting EJ.

Nicole: She is thrown out of Chloe's baby shower for being drunk.