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LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Tuesday

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Hey Y'all! I'm back to live blog the last Tuesday episode of As The World Turns! Drop me a line the comments on thoughts of yesterdays' show or just your feelings about the show in general! We'll start in a little bit!


Gwen brings Carly breakfast in bed. Carly's nervous and Gwen tries to calm her down. Come on Carly. How many times have you married this man? Don't let those nerves get to you but then again it is Oakdale. 

Gwen has a surprise for Carly. It's Rosanna. Ro Ro's hair is looking redder and it makes me happy. I hope she's Real Ro Ro this time.

Jack, Dusty, and Janet are getting ready for the wedding. Janet looks like if you poke her, she roll over and pop right there.

Jack and Janet talk about the wedding and how both of them are okay with this. Janet says today is Jack and Carly's day. It's about damn time they get their day.

Lily runs into Craig. Craig wants to know when Lily is going to forgive him. I'd say in the next 3 days...

I wish Hunt Block would have come back for the last week. Martha Byrne too. Noelle Beck undoubtedly did a great job but I want my Martha as Lily! I can take or leave Lindstrom. Sorry folks.

Holden runs into Molly. Things are a little awkward between them but they are very cordial to one another. Holden is the best man at Jack and Carly's wedding and Molly will be there too. Lesli Kay is so damn pretty!

Will is talking to Parker about the wedding. Parker wants to talk about his future plans and how it's pretty big. Faith shows up at the door with Carly's bouquet. Parker pretty much blows her off because of what she did to Liberty yesterday. Will thinks he was a little hard on her.

Carly can't believe Rosanna is here. Jack called her and got her to head to Oakdale. Carly says her day just got better. Big hug!

Rosanna and Carly catch up. Is it sad that I'm still upset over that whole Cabot Motors debacle? Rosanna should have her doggone money. Lawd let me stop before I starting going IN on this show. Carly talkis about marrying Jack.

Jack and Janet talking about Jack and Carly's honeymoon. How many ex-couples do you know that talk about their new significant other's honeymoon? Anywho, Jack says Carly picked out a cabin by the lake but won't tell him anymore? Could it be a recreation of THAT cabin? 

Holden, Lily and Molly dish about this wedding. Lily butts in the conversation telling Holden all 482780 of their children want them to go together. They leave and Molly has that bit of a heartbroken  look on her face.

Carly asks Rosanna and Gwen to be her Maids of Honor. They accept and the door bell rings. It's Janet with a present for Carly. Carly invites her in but Janet knows she has many things to do. Janet gets the information of Carly and Jack's honeymoon spot just incase the baby comes. Carly wants Janet to promise her she won't call unless it's an actual emergency. Janet takes offense and Carly gets the last word. I knew those two couldn't be cordial to each other for long.

Carly talks about how crazy Janet drives her. Gwen and Rosanna think she need to try to relax. Carly walks over to the table and grabs the a compass Jack gave her a long time ago.

Janet goes back to Dusty's and says she is such an idiot. I think....wait...too easy. She tells him what hapened with Carly and Dusty starts to crack up. He says they have to learn how to get along because they're going to part of one another's lives once the baby is born. 

Parker is looking very smooth in his suit for the wedding. Jack thinks so too. Parker wants to talk to Jack but his phone rings before they can chat. Will walks in and wants to know if he told him yet. Jack comes back and tries to talk to Parker but Sage calls and needs to be picked up. Jack runs off and Parker tells Will he what he wants to do instead of going to college. I swear if we have to wait until Friday to find out I'm NOT going to be happy.

Gwen and Rosanna can't find Carly. Gwen thinks she might have run away but Rosanna doesn't believe she did. Jack and Sage have magically teleported to Carly's where Carly is no where to be found. Jack starts to worry and wants to know what the deal is.

Carly's at the lake with the compass. FLASHBACK of Jack and Carly at the Cabin. She's trying to find her way back to Jack, her True North. Oh Snap! Carly just dropped the compass in the water. Nice going butter fingers!

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Carly's talking to herself about being clumsy. I love how Carly always talks to herself in the third person. Jack shows up to help her. Jack can't find it and Carly starts to fall apart. She says she needs to compass so she always find him, her true north. Jack says she doesn't need it but he's right here and he isn't going anywhere.

Rosanna runs into Gabriel. Gabriel introduces himself. Still not sure why this kid is still on the show.

Lily and Holden find Faith at home. They want to know why she isn't getting dressed for the wedding. Faith says "Everyone hates meeeee, I'm not goiiinngggg", in that annoying teenager voice. Holden talks some sense into Faith and she decides she's going.

Craig runs into Gabriel. He wants to thank him for exposing Lucinda's plans. Craig says he lost everything. That's another thing I'm pissed about. Craig Mother Freakin' Montgomery losing all his money and his edge along with it. SMDH....

Jack comforts Carly and says they don't need signs/omens to find their way back to each other. Carly says the compass has helped her many times find her way back to him. Jack convinces Carly like only he can and she's all smiles again. They gives us a kiss before switching to Janet and Dusty.

Janet and Dusty are still talking about the wedding. Janet jumps on top of a laddeer to hang up some lights and Dusty freaks out. He explains that Jennifer went into labor when she fell off the ladder. Yet another ATWT storyline that I feel myself getting angry just thinkging about it. Dusty gets on the ladder to hang up the lights, doubles over in pain, and falls to the floor. Did he have a heart attack??

Dusty manages to peel himself off the the floor and Janet wants to take him to the hospital. Dusty says he's fine and they should get to the wedding. Rut Roh! Janet's water just broke. It's Baby Time! Carly's NOT going to be happy.

Carly, Jack, and the rest of the girls are at the Snyder farm. Jack leaves so he can get ready and Carly is so happy that her girls are there. Carly makes them promise to be a bigger part in each others lives.

Good Jesus! Jack has transformed into his suit and is at the wedding site with Holden, Will, and Parker. Is he Superman?? I didn't see a phone booth. Guiding Light didn't even have this many teleports at the end and they had WAY less time to plan the ending. Help me Lord.

Jack talks to his men about how much he appreaciates them. He says all he needs is bride.

Flash to Carly! Lily joins the girls bearing a gift for Carly. She tells Carly about Craig and Rosanna wants to know what he's done now. They don't have time to worry about that becausei t's almost wedding time.

I feel like I'm in Peapack with all these outdoor scenes. 

In record time, Carly is fully dressed for the wedding. I think I just got whiplash from how quickly this wedding came together.

Craig tries to runaway from Rosanna but she cuts him off and catches him. She wants to know what he's doing there. Commercial!

Craig tries to compliment Rosanna to get her to go away but it doesn't work. She wants to know why he's there. Craig says he needs closure and she should know all about that.

Gabriel and Liberty sho....ZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzz

Jack and Carly are almost ready to start the ceremony. They can't even get music at the wedding. Come ON, ATWT! You can't possibly be THAT cheap to give them a wedding like this.

Rosanna interrupts Jack and Carly's conversation to tell them about Craig being there.

Dusty wants to know if Janet is sure her water just broke. Duh, Dusty. A woman knows these things. Dusty can't believe it and Janet says he better because it's happening.

PREVIEWS FOR TOMORROW: Jack and Carly get married. Margo spills the beans about the not-so shocking secret that Parker wants to become a cop! A newly married Jack and Carly are about to TCB when they hear Janet screaming from labor pains. Why on God's Green Earth did Dusty NOT take her to the hospital?? This is ATWT and people can teleport. It's not that hard!

Well folks, that's it from me. I hope you've enjoyed the live blog and I'll be back tomorrow to blog the final 3 episodes of As the World Turns.