Castle's Nathan Fillion on OLTL's Joey Recast: "That’s Just The Nature Of It"


Sara Bibel spoke with Castle star and One Life To Live alum Nathan Fillion regarding the recent news his former workplace placed a casting call for the role of Joey.

One Life to Live just announced they are recasting Joey Buchanan. Are you wounded?

Of course not. When I was on One Life To Live I had four guys playing my older brother [Kevin]. One of them lasted three weeks. I got the job. I left. Some other guy got the job. That’s just the nature of it.

Fans hoping for Fillion and ex-OLTL co-star Robin Strasser  (Dorian) to reunite, take heed. The actor is all too open for the idea.

Why hasn’t Robin Strasser guest starred on ‘Castle’ yet?

She’s very busy, number one. And number two, don’t think I haven’t thought of it.

Can you say cross-promotion?

Photo by PR Photos.