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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Claire is shocked to find Sonny and Johnny together at the PCPD. Johnny amends his statement and tells the truth. Claire asks about the gun, but Johnny insists he has no idea what happened to it. Claire declares the case closed, as she no longer wants to waste time and taxpayers' money to prosecute it. In other words, the writers have the attention span of a gnat and need to move on like nothing happened. Guess I shouldn’t have been watching all these months.

Dante tells Olivia that she should walk away from Johnny. She is relieved to hear that the whole thing is over, much to Johnny’s annoyance, as he believes she's only happy that Sonny’s not going to jail.

Suzanne explains to Jason that there have been several attempts on Brenda’s life and that the attacks are escalating. He agrees to go to Rome to help with the security. While Sam understands why Jason is going, she doesn’t appear all that happy about it.

Murphy and Brenda have the same argument that I’m oh, so tired of hearing. She declares she can’t and won’t marry him, so he leaves, hopefully for good. No offense to Brad Rowe, but yikes that relationship was lame. Brenda tells Suzanne that the wedding is off.

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Carly is furious with Jax because he had the nerve to think of having Brenda on the cover at this time, right after Sonny took off to see her. Maxie runs away from Carly’s wrath! CarJax argue back and forth before Carly storms off.

Kate and Coleman have a very brief snugly scene before she gets called by Jax to nix the "Brenda on the cover" idea. Kate heads out to confront Jax and tell him that Carly shouldn’t get to decide what they do with their magazine.

Patrick heads over to Jake’s and, when Lisa parks herself at a table, he joins her. They discuss Robin and what a horrible wife she is for being so upset that her husband cheated on her. Robin shows up, tears a strip off of Patrick and declares to Lisa that she can have him.

Steven arrives, summoned by Robin, who asks him to help her play the game on Lisa. Poor Steven, always getting used and never getting a girl all to himself. Steven escorts Robin home and Patrick pretends not to care, for Lisa’s benefit.

Carly shows up at Jake’s to complain to Coleman about how evil Brenda wants all her men, but she’s got them and she’s not sharing. I expect some decent catfights between those two once Brenda hits town. Should be interesting with Laura Wright now in the role.

Dante goes home to Lulu and lets her know that all’s well in the mob world and she’s basically happy for him.

Claire goes to Sonny’s for dinner and goes on about her feelings for him. I get angrier and angrier that she’s being wasted on this fool, when Dahlia Salem has chemistry with so many others (including Brandon Barash and Jonathan Jackson) and could easily be hooked up with them rather than the stupid greasy mobster, with whom everyone apparently falls in love. Blech.

Spinelli’s getting Jason’s stuff in order for him to leave to go to Rome right away, and is waxing poetic about the lovely Brenda and how him showing up to rescue is totally romantic. Sam overhears, but once Spin’s gone, she assures Jason that she’s fine with him going. Yeah, that’s not going to end well.