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GH's Burton on Marcil Giovinazzo's Return: "I Guess Nostradamus Was Finally Correct!"

General Hospital's top hitman Steve Burton (Jason) talked to MSN's Deanna Barnert, revealing what it's like to be working with "The Goddess" aka Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) again. Should Jason and Brenda pick up where they (almost) left off all those years ago and explore a romance? Who knows, but one thing's for certain, Burton appears happy that for once a Brenda sighting proved true!


Were you given a heads up about what her return would involve?

First of all, we've been hearing she's been coming back for eight years. I guess Nostradamus was finally correct! But no, I had no idea. I got my scripts and said, "This is cool." Our first scene is going to air September 13 and it's back to the fireworks. They don't get along or like each other much, but she's in danger, and with their history, he's going to go help her if he can.

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Burton also copped to being able to spit a few rhymes as part of the band Port Chuck. Should Slim Shady be worried?

Word is you have skills as a rapper. Is that true?

That's going to be the biggest surprise of all for people. I do two songs and sing a bit too. I've always been interested in rap, but the singing part is foreign to me. They've been great in encouraging me to step out, but I won't overstep my boundaries.

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