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LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Wednesday

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Hey Y'all! I hope everyone is ready for the 3rd to last episode ever of As The World Turns! Wow! That was a lot harder to type than I thought it would. Drop me a line in comments about As The World Turns and the citizens of Oakdale. We'll be starting shortly!


We start with Jack and Carly kissing, which I can't complain about. Rosanna comes and starts getting everybody ready. Someone in the comments yesterday said I should comment on her chest so here goes. It looks like the inmates are trying to escape from their cage. I just want somebody to yell "Get back in there!"

Craig shows up and sits next to Margo. She wants to know why he's there. He says the woman he's been obsessed with for years is getting married....O....K....

Sage comes down the isle in a dress that looks like she got it from Goodwill. Her mother is a freakin fashion designer. This is totally unacceptable.

Janet's going into labor and Dusty doesn't know what to do. Janet wants him to call Jack during his wedding. Janet replies "Oh yeah right, Carly would kill me if I interrupted her wedding!"

Parker walks Carly down the isle and makes Jack promise to take care of his mom. Jack gives Parker his word. Wedding music takes us out.

Jack and Carly are saying their vows. These two could melt ice by the way they look at each other. *Swoon*

Janet's screaming in labor.

Now we're back to Jack and Carly. Molly's reading a poem about love and happiness..yeah...something that can make you do wrong...make you do right....Let me stop with this Al Green.

More vows from Jack and Carly. 

Carly: "The truest part of me, is you."

Jack: "You saved me from me"

Carly Cries. Jack Beams. Mel Melts.

Jack and Carly are pronounced husband and wife. Awwwwww, but they still should have have a big soapy wedding not an outside affair a la Bill and Lizzy on GL. If I see Lisa pop out from bush, I'm turning this OFF!

Holden makes a Best Man speech and cracks a few jokes. HE BROUGHT UP HAL MUNSON!!! AHHHHHH!! Well, it's about doggone time! He toasts to Hal, Brad, and life long happiness. Holden tells Jack not to screw it up this time. Holden looks over at Molly and Lily lookin like they smell poo...

Jack talks to Margo and Tom. Margo almost spilled the beans about Parker's plans but it's just a tease because we all know she does it later because the previews told us yesterday. Thanks a lot, CBS. WAY to keep us guessing. *Rolls Eyes*

Molly makes a Maid of Honor speech. Gwen says none of them could survive another break up of Jack and Carly. Too bad we'll never get to see if they do or they don't.

Jack's looking for Dusty. Flash to Janet doing her "Hee-Hee-Hee-Ha's". Dusty has to get the car eventhough he's not supposed to be driving. Dusty makes it but can't move the car because it's in the mud. Who in the blue HELL parks a car in the mud and there's a pregnant woman about to bust? Better yet, who parks a car in a mud puddle the size of Texas...period? My head's starting to hurt.

Craig wants to make a toast. Ro Ro tries to stop him but Craig won't quit. Carly gives him the ok and Craig begins.

Craig:"Here are three words I never thought I'd say-You Belong Together." Well, I'll be. The show must really be ending because Craig just wished the all the happiness in the world. Rosanna wants to know why Craig did it. He says he wants Rosanna to like him, even if it is a little bit. She says he's moved up from destestable to barely tolerable.

Jack and Carly have their first dance. They look so cute.

Janet looks like she's gonna pop. Girl, why are standing up. The baby's just gonna fall on the floor. You're just helping the baby go down the canal. Go lay down somewhere.

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Holden asks Lily to dance.

Faith finds Parker and Liberty to ask Parker to dance. She wants to know if they're still mad at her. They don't say.

Craig and Gabriel. Blah, Blah Blah. Craig says he's going to turn over a new leaf. Gabriel's going back to Montega. Craig gets upset and starts yelling because he wants hiim to stay in Oakdale. Rosanna wants to know why he's yelling at this nice boy. Craig explains Gabriel's his son. Gabriel storms off.

Parker walks up to his folks and Margo blurts out "Why don't you just tell you're folks you want to become a cop?" The look on Parker's face screams, "Thanks a lot, Margo!"

Shocked looks take us to the commercial.

Carly wants more information. Parker's been talking to Margo for weeks about it. Jack doesn't like the idea because it's so dangerous but Carly convinces him otherwise. Parker wants to know if anyone wants to know what he thinks. Parker says he wants to do it because he of what Jack told him about trying to help people and the feeling you get at the end of the day. He wants to be just like Jack. Jack says that a sneaky way of getting what he wants. Aw, even I have to admit that was pretty sweet.

Lily wants Holden to ask Molly to dance. Holden wants to know if Lily is okay with it. Lily wants to know why he's asking her. Holden replies "Why do you think?" They give each other that look and off Holden goes to dance with Molly.

Molly says she wants to come back and start loving Holden like she did before. Lily's seems to be okay with all this. O.....K.....

Rosanna confronts Craig about Gabriel. She wants to give him a suggestion on how to handle him. She thinks she should let him go because it's the opposite of what he usually does. Everytime Rosanna has come back, she has to bring up the night Craig chased her with the car. We know, Rosanna. We KNOW.

Sage asks Carly if she's happy. Carly says she's happier than she ever been in her life. Carly almost leaves without throwing the bouquet. She throws it and Rosanna catches it.

Carly and Jack take off in the car and everyone wishes them well.

Dusty's boiling water because "that's what you do when you deliver a baby." Funny, I've never seen ANY hosptial ever do that. I know it's because you have to sterilize everything. Janet's hollering. We flash to Jack and Carly outside the cabin and the hear Janet's screams. They bust in on Janet about to pop and are shocked. This is all a little too convenient for me.

Carly: "You're not in labor, are you Janet?"

Janet with some extreme sarcasm: "No, Carly of course! YES!" LMFAO!

Jack wants to know why Dusty didn't get her to the hospital. Paginig Captain Obvious. Jack you just commented 5 sceconds ago about Dusty's car being stuck in the mud. Sigh.

Molly changes at the Snyder Farm. Holden and Lily are there. Molly wants Holden to visit her and Abigail every once in a while. Lily tells Molly to not be a stranger  with sincerity and Molly can't believe it. I can't either. Molly wishes them luck and is on her way. Farewell, Molly.

Somebody PLEASE tell me where the hell Emily is? She should have been there.

Parker talks to Faith. It looks like those 2 are patching things up. Parker gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Grody.

Craig tries to make things better with Gabriel. Gabriel wants to start his own contracting business someday. Craig thinks he should go for it, eventhough he doesn't know him well. Craig calls Gabriel son and Gabriel calls him Dad. Jon Lindstrom NAILED this scene.

Rosanna pops up like a Jack in the Box again all in Craig's face. Rosanna says she's gonna stick around for a while. She wants to be around her family. Craig chimes in, "And friends?" Rosanna tells him they are not getting back together. Craig thinks they should get a drink. Rosanna will think about it.

Janet says she can't make to the hospital. Carly takes over and orders Janet to lay down on the bed. Then she turns the reigns over to Jack.

PREVIEWS FOR TOMORROW: Jack and Carly deliver the baby. John tells Dusty he could be the father of Janet's baby. He tells him about the DNA test he ran. Lily and Holden are looking mighty close in these upcoming scene. They almost kiss and Lucinda walks through the door. She's beaming because all she wanted to see was those 2 back together. Jack wants to know what the doctor said about the baby and Carly thinks he should sit down.

Tune in tomorrow for As The World Turns.

Well good people, I'm out here. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and I'll be back tomorrow same place, same time! Don't forget to drop me a line in the comments about today's show! Later!