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ATWT's Marie Masters on Soaps: "I Don't Think The Rest of The Shows Have Long to Go"

In an interview with, As The World Turns veteran Marie Masters (Susan) admitted she doesn't feel the six remaining daytime soap operas in production have very many tomorrows left for people to tune in for.


“I don’t think the rest of the shows have long to go. People have moved on,” she said.

Procter and Gamble spokesperson Jeannie Tharrington blamed soap opera viewer erosion on various other entertainment options for viewers.

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The world has changed radically since “The World” started spinning stories in 1956 sponsored by Oxydol or Duz detergents, notes P&G spokeswoman Jeannie Tharrington.

“Not only are a lot of women not home anymore, there’s also competition from cable, DVRs and online videos like YouTube,” she said.

With ratings for Days of Our Lives once again in the toilet, constant rumors about the state of the ABC Daytime soaps and The Bold and the Beautiful having shed a significant amount of viewers in the U.S. in recent years, it's not a stretch to say Masters and Tharrington are onto something. So what's the answer?

We've all taked ad nauseum about how our soaps can be saved, but one has been cancelled every year for the past three years. We want to hear from DC readers. Tell us in the comments. How can soaps be saved?