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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick and Robin meet at the PCPD, to get their stories straight before the suspension meeting. Mac is still not happy with Patrick and how he treated Robin. Maxie tries to talk him down, but he still warns Patrick. Robin admits she knew something was up and warns Patrick that she will never second guess her instincts again.

The Dean of Madison questions Michael and informs him that at the first sign of trouble, Michael will be expelled. Kristina, Taylor and Michael are hanging out when a fellow student comes around to challenge Michael.

Jax runs into Carly and Josselyn at Kelly’s and Carly reminds Jax that she’s still not happy with the whole Brenda on the cover of Crimson thing. Later on, Carly catches Maxie and Jax discussing that very thing, with Jax insisting to Maxie that Brenda will no longer be on the cover. Carly confronts Jax, thinking that he masterminded the meeting for her to overhear. She doesn’t care that Brenda is on the cover, but that she’s in Jax’ heart. Jax assures Carly that he only loves her.

Dante and Lulu wake up together. Lucky calls to speak with Dante, tells him about his assignment with Interpol and asks for Dante to email him a file. Lulu questions what Lucky wanted and whether Luke is in trouble, but Dante keeps Lucky’s confidence and doesn’t tell Lulu where Lucky really is.

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Nik and Brook head over to Kelly’s, where both Carly and Lulu run into them and, separately, warn Nikolas about Brook Lynn. He tells her he knows she’s capable of double crossing him. She tells him she needs the money. All he wants is a dinner companion, and he offers to buy her a new wardrobe for the occasion.

Steven, Robin, Patrick and Lisa come together for the suspension meeting. Lisa speaks, saying she feels that Robin needs a psychiatric consult. Robin gets angry and claims that Lisa is setting her up. She tells Lisa that she can have Patrick but to stay away from Emma and Robin’s job. Steven agrees that Robin is mishandling things and the suspension stays. Robin storms out and Lisa assures Patrick that since he was never happy with Robin, he’ll be able to find his old self again.

Lucky’s in Ireland and, so far, the story is as bad as the Rome one was. He’s pretending to be Roan O'Reilly. He gets into a fight at a bar, with people who believe he’s O'Reilly. In the end, the girl questions his identity and I question why I didn’t fast forward through the whole mess.

The Dean of Madison calls Dante, to tell him about the altercation with Michael. Dante goes to the school to get the truth. Several kids are bugging Kristina, who insists that Michael did nothing wrong. The bully claims Michael started the whole thing, so the dean insists that Michael should be expelled. Taylor arrives and says the bully started it, and the others back him up, exonerating Michael.

Kristina runs into Ethan and explains what happened at school. He gives her moral support. Maya shows up and Ethan transfers his attention to her with a kiss, which appears to make Kristina uncomfortable.

When Dante and Michael get home, talk of prison comes up, making Michael uncomfortable. Dante decides it’s time for a heart to heart about what happened in Pentonville.