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LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Thursday

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The Final Two! Only two more episdoes and the world stops turning, at least for us soap fans. I hope everyone's ready for a little live blogging. Don't forget to drop me a line in the comments about your favorite memories of ATWT and the current happenings in Oakdale. We'll be starting shortly.


We open with Janet screaming, "I don't want to have my baby in a car!" Yeah, that's how you open up the next to last show EVER of a 54 year old show. Another fine job from CBS? Who do I have to PAY to get Emma, Lisa, Bob, Kim, Babs, etc, on the show before the last episode??

Anywho, back to the show. Carly has to step out because she looks like she's gonna pass out. Jack left already to get Dusty's stuff to deliver the baby. He comforts Carly and tells her not to pass out.

Lucinda talks to Luke about Reid. She wants to set up an endowment in his name. Luke says he would like that.

Holden walks Lily home and they look all flirty. They talk about Molly and Holden's feeling for her. Lily tells Holden she knows he would rather be down at the stables. Holden grabs Lily's hand and moves in close. He asks her if that an invitation to go to the stables. John Dixon interrupts and Lily wants to know the deal. John asks Lily to forgive Lucinda. Lily wants no part of it.

Flashback to the birth. Dusty says he can see the baby and Carly wants to help while almost passing out. Jack gives her some water and tells her to sit. After the least minimal pain I've ever seen on a soap birth (NO PUSHING AT ALL), the baby just slides right on out. I'm not even gonna mention she gave birth so fast my head whipped around in a circle three times. Carly looks disgusted/heartbroken. The look takes us to commercial.

Dusty tells Janet she did it. Janet says they all did it. Jack is still sitting next to Carly. Carly tells him to say hello to his son. Ok, I can't lie. That baby is PRECIOUS! Carly can see something is wrong with Dusty. Before he gives her an answer, he changes the subject and says they should get to the hospital.

Luke wants Lucinda to make up with Lily. Lucinda says if she goes over there she won't be welcome. Luke doesn't care and then Noah shows up. Luke forces Lucinda to get her rear in gear and Noah sits down. They start talking about Reid. I'm sorry but Noah get on away from there! He don't want you no more! BYE!

John pleads Lucinda's case to Lily. He pretty much tells her a spot can't change it's colors and that is her mother after all. Lily thinks it's high tme she changed. Before John can defend Lucinda anymore, he gets a text and has to go. Holden thinks John is full of it. I think Holden just wants to get him some booty.

Flash to Janet who is now WALKING THE HELL AROUND AFTER HAVING A BABY!! Who writes this CRAP?!? I'm sorry but there is NO. WAY. IN. HELL. Janet could be walking around after having a child. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross. They're heading to the hospital.

Carly still has that 'barely making it' look on her face.

Luke can't believe Reid is gone. I can't either Luke, especially after that piss poor attempt at a train wreck they tried to make me believe. I won't go there though. Noah makes Luke laugh. Luke wants to know when Noah's going back to L.A. Noah says he's not in a rush and he's going back to work. Luke says "The hell you are!"

Holden is still tryin to get some Lily in life, if you know what I mean. Lily looks a little unsure. Holden thinks they should put Lucinda's idea about them getting back together to the test. Lily looks like she doesn't know where she is.

Janet and company are at the hospital. Janet and the baby are wheeled off and John finds Dusty. Jack finds Carly alone in a hallway. He wants to know what she's doing. She wanted some fresh air. She's complaining about being dizzy again. After Jack flirts with her some, he decides to take her to get checked. On their way to see a doctor, they ear hustle on John and Dusty's conversation. John tells Dusty about the paternity test he had done and it turns out Dusty is the father. Jack and Carly looked shocked. 

So I'm guessing Carly is either pregnant or she's dying of some disease. However, I could be wrong. I'm gonna go for pregnant in this one.

Dusty wants to know if John is sure. Jack looks like somebody shot his favortie monkey.

John and Dusty are celebrating but they calm it down for Jack who finally makes his presence known. Dusty goes to tell her the news. Carly's trying her hardest to look sad but inside you can just tell she's jumping for joy. Carly wants to get out of there but Jack says he's not leaving until she sees a doctor. Carly agrees and Jack says he'll wait for her.

Dusty tells Janet about the baby's paternity and she couldn't be happier. Janet: "I'm in love with my baby's father!" They kiss and we see John ordering champagne.

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Lucinda shows up at the bar and she has a drink with John. They talk about Lily and John thinks Lucinda should make up with her daughter. John says he has a teaching job in Amsterdam and he wants Lucinda to come along. Ed and Ho....oh wait. I'm getting my ending P&G soap stories confused. After all, it's the same damn stories with the names erased a few changes. I'm sorry. Now, where was I? Yes, John and Lucinda. Lucinda gets a call from Lily who invites her mother over to the house. Lucinda accepts leaving John high and dry.

Luke is gonna get Noah back to L.A.

Holden and Lily are still talking about Lucinda. Holden says she can handle her mother. Holden says he'll be back later to give Ethan a bed time story. Lily doesn't want him to go yet because she is stronger when he's around. Holden says he'll stay and leans in for a kiss. Before they can kiss, Lucinda busts in the room swooning over them.

Lucinda: "When I'm right, I'm right!" Lily and Holden don't look thrilled in the least bit.

Jack wants to know where Carly is but the nurse gets called away. Liberty comes out of Janet's room to talk to Jack. She wants Jack and Janet to see each other. She opens the door and Teri is there too! We get a few awkward looks between everyone and it takes us to the commercial.

Janet asks everyone to give her minute alone with Jack. Janet asks about Carly and Jack tells her where she is. They talk about the past couple of months and all the shenanigans that went along with it.

Janet: "Thank you for loving me Jack!" Aww that was sweet Julie Pinson's doing a good job with this scene. Janet wishes Jack the best and Jack does the same. They say their goodbyes and Jack leaves.

Lily and Lucinda are having it out. Lily says she can't pretend her mother doesn't exist. She won't forgive or forget what her mother has done but she still loves her. Lily says her mother's actions are inexcusable. Lucinda apologizes but it is to no avail. Lily says she doesn't want to see her mother for a while, so she can give herself time to forgive her. She also wants Lucinda to think about what she's done. Lucinda looks completely outdone. Lily tells her mother a cold goodbye and Lucinda leaves. Lily, with tears in her eyes, can't believe she just said all that to her mother. Holden swoops in and holds Lily's hand.

Noah and Luke are at the tv station with a camera. Luke is convincing Noah to get his butt L.A. Noah makes Luke promise to see him. Noah wants to know if they're gonna say goodbye in the same place they first met and had their first kiss. It looks like that's the way it's going. Luke and Noah have come full circle, in every since of the term.

Janet and company are talking about the baby. Liberty has to go but she promises she will be back for the wedding. They joke about a wedding even happening.

Jack finally sees Carly and she looks like she saw a ghost. Jack wants to know what the doctor said. Carly thinks he should sit down. Uh-Oh. Here we go.

Luke starts talking about Reid and Noah understands that what those two had was real. Noah also understands why Luke has to stay in Oakdale. Noah tells Luke that if somebody they want to patch things up, he knows where to find him. Noah gives Luke a goodbye kiss and is on his way. Luke looks a little uneasy about the whole think.

Lucinda goes to see John and wants to know if the offer is still on the table. John says of course it is. Lucinda accepts and John gives out a big laugh. Ed and Holly John and Lucinda head out of the bar. Lucinda stops him and tells the bartender to send the champagne upstairs. Finally, a true feel good moment this week.

Holden is leaving but tells Lily he will be back later. Holden asks her to come outside for a second. He wants her to smell the burning leaves. He wants to know if that reminds her of anything. She says it reminds her of the day they met. Lily has tears in her eyes. Lily remembers when Holden told her he was a stable boy. Holden says he still is. Lily says she remembers that when he looked at her all those years ago, he wanted to kiss her. Holden says he still does. Lily playfully says, "Still?" The two kiss and I slowly start to melt.

This show just turned around in 5 minutes. THIS is what we should have had all week.

Janet and Dusty celebrate being a family.

Carly gets Jack in a room alone and Jack starts to freak out. He says he can handle anything he tells her. Carly calls Jack, G-Man! AHHHH!! Ok, I'm better now. Carly keeps saying "we" are gonna need your help. Jack finally gets hit in the head by that giant clue-by-4 and understands what she's talking about. Carly's pregnant and their gonna have a baby. Jack swoops Carly up in his arms and they celebrate. Big Jack and Carly kiss. Awwww, I feel all warm and fuzzy.

PREVIEWS FOR THE FINAL EPISODE: Janet asks Jack to be the baby's godfather. Lily can't believe John Dixon was the answer to her prayers. Margo and Katie are planning some. Bob retires and the world stops turning.

Well folks, I'm out of here! I hope y'all enjoyed the live blog and today's episode of As The World Turn. For the last time, tune in tomorrow for As The World Turns. Same station, same channel, same website. Goodbye y'all!