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As The World Turns: "Goodnight, Dear"

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It’s been a very interesting 12 years for As The World Turns and myself. We’ve had our good times, bad times, and at times we weren’t in touch at all, but it was always there for me to return to. However, as of Friday, September 17 at 2pm, that will not be case. The world will stop turning and it will take a little piece of my heart with it.


As the World Turns was the first soap I watched that my mother didn't. My aunt babysat me during the summer and she would watch it, which meant I watched it. This is why it holds a special place in my heart. In regards to storylines, I quickly found myself hooked on Jack and Carly, Barbara Ryan, John Dixon, Hal Munson, and a number of other characters. I watched the show religiously until about mid-2004, a few months after the death of Rose.

In the 12 years I’ve watched As the World Turns, I’ve seen the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. Personally, I think most of the high points lie in the Hogan Sheffer years (early 2000s). I know some older fans of the show have problems with this era. For me, it’s when the show was truly firing on all cylinders. I’ll never forget Barbara turning into a real bitch on heels, Katie and Simon, Carly vs. Barbara, Jack and Carly, Rosanna and Cabot Motors, Craig being his dastardly self, and one of my all time favorites, Rose D’Angelo. I remember pretending to be sick to stay home from school so I could watch the show during this time period. My mom wasn't happy when she figured out what I was doing, but it was worth it.

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Around 2005, the show started to lose its appeal for me. I still watched, but not as regularly. I think a combination of too much focus on the teen storylines, not enough veterans being used, and characters becoming unrecognizable really plagued this show in the years leading up to cancellation. However, I think the show could have still turned around if given time. The cancellation news was like a piercing knife in my little soap opera loving heart. I will always cherish As the WorldTurns and keep close to my heart the memories of my cousins and I crowding on the couch to watch it during the summer. With a tear in my eye and sadness in my heart, I bid you farewell, As The World Turns.

“Goodnight, Dear”