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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason shows up in Rome to see Suzanne. At first, she’s surprised that Brenda would have married someone like Jason, but he gets her to tell him about the incidents and the security detail.

Brenda shows up for her Cartulo photo shoot, only to discover that she’s supposed to be modeling wedding dresses, which she refuses to do. The cameraman finds her a different dress and, while photographing her, asks her about weddings and marriage. This makes Brenda remember, painfully, her marriages to Jason, Jax and Sonny.

Claire shows up at Sonny’s, angry that he got her a gift and that he had Max deliver it to her office. When she goes to leave, Sonny asks her to stay because he wants them to get to know each other better. He says he’s not using her, but likes her, and she admits that she has feelings for him as well. She promises to come back later and let him cook for her.

Jax continues to reassure Carly that she’s the woman for him and that he’s not giving up on them, that they want the same things. Carly seems reassured by all of that.

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Michael refuses to talk to Dante about Pentonville. Dante goes to CarJax to let them know what happened with Michael and that he dealt with the matter at the school. Carly is seriously pissed that the dean didn’t call her directly.

Lucky has more scenes in the bar with the bad accent and the stereotypical Irishmen. He and the girl, Siobhan, leave and go back to his place. She pulls a gun on him, but hesitates long enough for him to get the gun from her, with a warning to use it. When he gives her back the gun, she asks who he really is.

Brenda confronts Suzanne about the wedding gown shoot. She’s very upset by the whole thing and wants to take off for a while, but Suzanne still has security issues. When someone knocks on the door, Brenda opens it to find Jason, and she’s not happy that he’s there to help with her security.

Carly goes to Sam’s to look for Jason and her head explodes when she hears that he dropped everything to run to Rome to help Brenda. She declares that Jason’s first obligation should be to her and her kids, which I’m sure Sam loved to hear, and that she’s not sharing him with Brenda. Insecure Sam asks insecure Carly if Jason has feelings for Brenda, but Carly assures her that he doesn’t.

Michael arrives to see Jason, and Sam leaves him and Carly alone to discuss the issue at school.

Jax summons Claire to question her decision to take herself off of Sonny’s case due to conflict of interest and he warns her again about taking up with Sonny.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s to let him know about the Michael issue and sees that Sonny has dinner set up for Claire. Sonny admits to Dante that he’s spending time with Claire as a diversion from Brenda and wonders if that’s the right thing to do.