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LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns The Final Episode

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My little soap heart is crying today. The last episode ever of As the World Turns is here and it's hard to believe. I hope y'all will join me as I live blog the show for the final time today. Don't forget to drop me a line in the comments about your favorite memory of As the World Turns. I'll be starting shortly.


This is how I remember the show starting(couldn't find a good one from 1998, so this will do):

I can't forget this one either:

We open with Bob Hughes walking through the hospital reflecting on his life over the years in Oakdale.  He's also doing a voice over talking about the people of Oakdale and how things are special in the little town.

Lily brings Ethan to Holden so they can go fishing.

Bob is still doing the voice-over speaking about how he's seen all the crazy events of everyone's lives. Bob's voice-over is acting as a parallel for the "voice" of the fans and all the things we've seen over the years.

Barbara and Henry are about to get their freak on. It looks like Paul and Emily are as well.

Apparently, John and Lucinda are back from Amsterdam. He gets them a room at the Lakeview and Lisa comes up wanting to know what "tulip" he's brought back from Amsterdam. Lisa is floored when Lucinda walks through the door. John: "How do you like them Strudels?" LMFAO!

Allison wakes Casey up by jumping on his bed. It's was kinda cute.

Luke is thinking about Reid holding his obituary.

Chris and Katie are getting cozy.

We're back to Bob still thinking about his life in Oakdale. Kim comes in and says he'll never get anything done by sitting there daydreaming. Bob tells her what he was really up to and how he can't believe he's retiring today. We go into the opening and I'm a little sad they didn't do all the openings over the years like GL did.

Bob's packing up his office. He says the birth of a child is a miracle and one of the most simplest things in life all at the same time.

The Hughes and the Stewarts are having a goodybe send off for Casey and Allison. Emily looks FANTASTIC today. Emily and Susan say their goodbyes to Allison. Tom and Margo do the same with Casey and they leave.

Jack asks Carly about her morning sickness. Carly wants to wait until she gets out of her first trimester to tell the world.

Dusty and Janet are being all lovey dovey with that precious baby.

Carly is telling Jack about a noise the car was making yesterday. Carly stops what she's saying and says she can't believe what's happened to them. Jack doesn't know what she's talking about. Carly: "Jack, we're normal. You don't think we're gonna becoming boring, do you?" Jack doesn't think so and Janet shows up at the door with Dusty and the baby. There's your proof that things will not be boring Carly.

Jack finally clues us in that it's been a month since the baby was born and that's where we are in time. Janet and Dusty have named the baby Lorenzo Dustin Donovan. Awwwww, Lorenzo!!! Jack and Carly tell Dusty and Janet their pregnant. Everyone celebrates and there all very happy. It's kinda strange to see them all getting along but for the sake of the end of the show, I'll accept it.

Katie is making sandwhiches and Chris makes her stop because he wants to talk to her. Chris talks about the things that happened before the surgery, more importantly marriage. Chris gets down on one knee and suddenly Simon busts through the door. Ok, no that didn't happen, but if I was writing the show it would happen. Then Simon would take Katie and the baby away to live happily ever afer. In reality, Chris asks Katie to marry him and she accepts. Chris: "Will you help me up, so I can kiss the hell out of you?" O......K.........

Margo feels like she doens't know what to do now that Casey is gone. Tom thinks it could be the start of a new chapter for them and they have the house all to themselves. Margo says the house big and empty now. Margo starts to get weepy and whiney becasue everything is so empty now. Tom stops her and they leave.

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Tom and Margo show up and Katie and Chris because Margo needs a distraction. Margo: "Casey and Allison left this morning and now all I have is the big empty house and dirty dishes!: LMFAO!! Katie cheers Margo up by telling her about the engagement. Margo's intstantly better. Katie talks about getting a bigger house and Margo talks about getting a smaller one. They look at each other with wide eyes and I think I literally saw the little light bulbs go off above their heads. Tom and Chris says their scared. LOL! Obviously, the two couples are going to switch houses.

Holy Crap. It's the mid-show bumpers. We're halfway through the final episode of ATWT. My heart just sank, again.

Henry is kissing on Barbara's neck and she's in heaven. Barbara says if he keeps that up they will never make it to Paul and Emily's for dinner. Henry thinks she has the most lucious slope of neck ever. Those two are so doggone cute! Henry wants to make sure she wants to make this Olive Branch Treaty with Paul and Emily.   Barbara is absolutely sure.

Paul and Emily are getting ready for Babs and Henry. Emily drops a bomb on us saying Paul is going to walk away from B.R.O. I literally screamed at the tv, "WHAT?!?" Paul says he's sure as Henry and Babs walks in. Babs gives Paul a big stack of papers and says she's dissolving their partnership at B.R.O. Barbara is walking away from B.R.O. I'm floored here, folks. FLOORED! Paul signs the papers and the four them toast each other. I'm still reeling from Barbara walking away from B.R.O. In her words, "she setting everyone free." I guess we'll all be free in about 20 minutes and it breaks my heart.

Bob starts a voice-over about death and we see Luke who's at Katie and Chris. Luke says he just came from a meeting a memorial and Chris will be named the new chief of staff once he gets better. Luke is having a problem being in the place where Reid lived. I can understand that. Before Luke goes, Katie gives him Reid's stethesescope. Luke puts it on and listens to Chris' heart. Oh snap, I'm starting to tear up over here. Dammit, I almost made it too.

John and Lucinda visit Lily and Holden. John and Lucinda are officially back together and they tell Lily and Holden. Lucida just told Lily she has no intention of getting in her daughter's way at Worldwide. If Lily wants to take over the company, she has free reign. WHAT?!?!? One more time, WHAT??!?! Ok, I'm back now. Lily doesn't know what to say, and neither do I. Lucinda wishes her daughter well and she leaves with John. Lily and Holden talk about what just happned and they can't believe it.

Susan tells Bob things aren't going to be the same around the hospital without him. She also tells us that John Dixon is the new acting chief of staff. They say their goodbyes as Kim walks in the door. Kim and Susan hug and wish each other well. Bob grabs his things and says "A normal day in Oakdale comes to a close." I'm guessing we're in for a flashforward when we come back from the break.

Chris and Katie are being all lovey dovey at Tom and Margo's. I'm guessing they've switched houses already. Katie says it feels right and Chris thinks she's right. Chris wants to get started on some kids and Katie wants to know how many he's talking about. Chris says "As many as you can count!" They kiss.

Tom and Margo are at their new house. Margo's making Tom move a painting. Margo talks about how manly and handsome Tom is. Tom says the best part about their new house is that they can make love anywhere. Awwww, Sookie Sookie Nah. Tom and Margo kiss and duck down to the fllor.

Paul and Emily talk about Babs leaving the company. They get all cozy and kiss.

Babs and Henry are talking about what just happened. Babs and Henry disco dance to "Last Dance" by Donna Summer. Awww, that's just too cute.

John and Lucinda run into Lisa. John tells Lisa he has payed for those roses to be on Lucinda's breakfast tray and they better be there. Lisa tells him to gather them while he may. These three make me feel so good John makes Lucinda promise that they have a hell of a goodtime no matter what they do. Lucinda promises and they head upstairs but not before a little making out in the elevator. Oh mercy, here come the tears.

Lily is worried that John and Lucinda won't make it. She wonders if loving each other is enough to make. Holden thinks it is and that sometimes it just takes a few times to get it right. Holden leaves and says he'll call Lily in the morning. Lily would like that. Lily stops Holden at the door.

Lily: " Holden. I....." They look at each other lovingly.

Holden: "I know" Just like Hans told Princess Leia in Star Wars before they turned him into a coffee table.

Jack and Carly are getting ready to go to sleep. They talk about the new baby soon. They kiss and Bob comes in on the voice-over.

Bob: "Oakdale is a town where something extraordinay happens everyday". Bob and Kim are talking about wrapping things up at the hospital. Bob says he has one more thing to do. 

Kim: "I don't think there should be goodbye's. Just Goodnight" Indeed, you are right.

Bob grabs his name plate and turns off the light. "Goodnight"

He walks out the door and globe on his desk lights up and begins to spin.

The camera zooms in on globe and we fade to black. 54 years of telvision history has come to close.

That's it for me, y'all. Tell me your thoughts about today's show in the comments. It has a been a pleasure and an extremem honor to live blog the final week of As The World Turns. I'll catch y'all on the flip side.

"Goodnight, Dear"