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Check Out Season Two Teasers for WORKSHOP: The Series! (With Luke and Jamey as Associate Producers!)

Hey guys, Luke and I have some exciting news! After growing weary of only talking about what's wrong with this show or that one, we decided to put our money and our input where our keyboards were by signing on as associate producers for the second season of WORKSHOP: The Series. We're letting you know this up front, since we cover/critique other web series.


We fully believe that the future is on the web (It is where we are ain't it?), so we plan to help our peeps Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg by doing whatever we can to help promote, sell and find sponsors for their insanely-funny series. Passions alum Phillip Jeanmarie will be reprising the role of Jeff's (Golon) quick-to-go-off actor pal Adam and a second daytime name recently signed on (see next post). Anyhoo, we hope you enjoy the second season of WORKSHOP when it rolls out this December. Until then, check out two teaser clips for the show below!

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