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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda believes that Sonny sent Jason to keep her mind off of his legal troubles, but Jason assures her that Sonny doesn’t know where Jason is, and he’s there to help her with her security. Brenda questions him about Sonny’s love life and Jason tells her that he isn’t serious about anyone.

Jax continues to warn Claire against hooking up with Sonny. Claire insists that she’s taken herself off of Sonny’s case, so she’s free to figure out what she feels for Sonny. The more Jax gets on her case, the more she questions why he hates Sonny so much and wonders who or what Sonny took from Jax.

Sonny and Dante discuss women and using one to get over another and how similar they are in this nature. Dante warns him not to string Claire along. When Claire shows up for dinner, Dante lets her know that she can no longer harp on him for his supposed conflict of interest regarding Sonny.

Sonny and Claire eat dinner while she claims she doesn’t want to be another in his long line of conquests and he insists he doesn’t want to hurt her. And then they start making out and head upstairs to the bedroom and I’m forced to fast forward so as not to burn out my retinas.

Robin and Maxie discuss the plan to get Lisa. Maxie says she understands Patrick actions, as she’s been there before and questions whether Robin wants to get back together with Patrick.

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Lisa tells Patrick she has tickets to a NASCAR race and manages to convince him to go with her. Then she kisses him, which Steven sees and wonders about. Patrick assures Steven that he’s only going along with Lisa to get at the truth. Steven checks in on Robin and lets her know about Lisa’s invitation to Patrick.

Maxie shows up at the hospital to tear a strip off Patrick. He assures her that it’s all part of the plan. Lisa overhears. Lisa confronts Maxie, who calls her a disgusting piece of trash. Patrick tells Maxie not to provoke Lisa, that she’ll figure out the truth if they’re not careful. He also tells Maxie that he’s only stringing Lisa along regarding the NASCAR stuff. Lisa overhears again, and asks a nurse to fill a particularly strong prescription of drugs for her.

Siobhan wonders why Ronan has changed, and Lucky tells her that he found God. Siobhan leaves and Lucky gets a call “to meet him”.

Carly continues to rant to Michael about the evil that is Brenda and that Jason should have been home to help Michael with the school bully. Michael assures her that Dante took care of the problem, which angers Carly even more.

Jason calls Spinelli to get information on the Balkan. Brenda gets on the phone, just as Carly gets on the other end; the two go a couple of rounds before the phones are given back to the rightful owners.

Carly goes home to find Jax there, waiting for her. He wants to give them another try. She thinks they should slow down. He tells her he’s forgiven her and hopes she’s forgiven him and asks if she wants a life with him.

Dante shows up looking for Jason, to discuss the Michael issue, but Spinelli tells him Jason’s in Rome. Dante sees Spin’s computer, notices his research on the Balkan, gets very angry and insists on knowing what Spin knows.