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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Billy/Victoria: The couple loses their baby. Victor doesn't make the situation better when he tells Victoria that he can end her marriage, since she's no longer carrying a Newman/Abbott baby. Victoria blasts Victor and kicks him out of her home.

Abby: The naked heiress decides to go after dear old dad with guns blazing. Abby discovers that Victor was dipping into her trust fund to pay off his SEC fines.

Billy: He brings Phyllis back to Restless Style. Big Red fills Billy in on what big brother Jack has been doing, Adam's wife! Later, Skye presents an interesting offer to Billy.

Nikki: She keeps her drinking from Victor


Skye: She assures Jack that mum's the word on their tryst. Unfortunately for the duo, Adam walks in on them in the sack. Later Skye asks her husband what people would say and do if they know he helped Patty flee.

Adam: He tells Skye he'll snuff her out.

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Heather: She listens to Chance's final words.

JT/Mac: The two discover they are having their own bundle of joy.

Cane: He gets a video tape which shows Lily being watched. Later Cane shares a secret with Sofia.

Ronan/Nina: He informs Nina he isn't quite ready to start a relationship with her. Nina is determined to be a part of Ronan's life and informs him she's not going to lose him.

Cricket: She tells Nina & company about her FBI case with Chance and Ronan.

Kevin/Jana: The freaky Fishers are no longer married.

Victoria/Abby: The Newman sisters decide to buddy up and take down big papa.

Deacon/Nikki: Mr. Sharpe decides to help Ms. Newman with her drinking problem. Nikki isn't receptive, but it doesn't deter Deacon.

Victor/Heather: The Black Knight tells Ms. Stevens he wants to assist in her campaign by funding it. Heather questions Victor on his motives.

Meggie: The barmaid is scared about her past being leaked.

Tucker: The rebel billionaire gives Jack a timetable for his plan.