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Brit Sudser Coronation Street to Launch "Corrie Nation" Social Networking Game

I'm beginning to the think the key to U.S. soap survival lies in the ability of Ken Corday, Sony, Disney and/or the Bells to utilize some frequent flyer miles to take a loooong trip across the pond to benchmark for the Brits. Tubefilter is reporting on Nov. 1, ITV is launching Corrie Nation, a social networking game based on their hit soap opera Coronation Street.

Reportedly, Corrie Nation will exist as a parallel universe to Coronation Street. Gamers will be able to play Corrie characters and decide what they want them to do in a particular storyline via Corrie Nation. Think Chose Your Own Soap Operatic Adventure. The game will initially only be available on and Facebook, but according to Tubefilter, other social mediums are expected to follow suit. Meanwhile, we get "What If webisodes?" Sigh.


Photo courtesy of ITV

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