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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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A kiss, a custody battle and a cover up push emotion to the edge this week on One Life to Live. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of September 20.

James is very upset when he loses his free tuition to Llanview University because Ford was fired. When James finds out the grant he wanted to apply for is taken, he goes to see Starr.  As she tries to give him some encouraging words, James plants a kiss on a surprised Starr! She pulls out of the kiss and is a little shaken up. James apologizes, but confesses he wants to be more than just friends. Starr admits she thinks of James as more than just a regular friend, but they can only be friends because her heart belongs to Cole. Will James take Starr's words to heart?

Blair and Todd are pushed to their emotional limits during the hearing for Tea's will. Things get started just as Destiny and Dani sneak into the courtroom and hide behind a bench to hear all the details. Todd contests the part of Tea's will that states Ross receives custody of Dani. The judge gives Todd, Blair and Ross a chance to plead their case on the stand. When things start to get heavy, Dani makes her presence known. Instead of throwing her out, the judge puts Dani on the stand to hear what she has to say. The court goes into recess and Todd vents his frustrations about the hearing to Kelly. Todd is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Dani's fate is not in his control. Todd decides he will not allow a judge to determine his daughter's future and takes matters into his own hands. How far will Todd go to make sure Dani remains with him?


John/Natalie/Ross: John and Natalie come upon Ross at Rodi's making a phone call and become very suspicious. Will John and Natalie figure out what Ross is up to?

Ford is extremely hurt when Langston reveals she set him to be fired. Langston starts to feel awful about what she did. She tells Starr about how she got Ford fired and Starr gives her an interesting reply. Feeling down, Langston talks to Dorian about her most recent Ford fiasco. Dorian gives her some advice and Langston heads to the coffee shop to think. When she arrives, she is shocked to see Markko! Will their reunion go well?

Nora/Hannah/Marty: Hannah's hearing has finally arrived. When the judge asks Nora if the state wants to pursue a trial against her, she timidly answers that Hannah obstructed justice by allowing Eli to go free and can be prosecuted. Marty arrives and takes the stand on Hannah's behalf. Marty's testimony is enough to get Hannah released. Later, Nora can't believe Bo talked greasy about Clint to Inez. Where do things go from here for Hannah?

Gigi/Cris: Gigi is excited to receive a grant from LU. However, the grant soon falls through. Gigi visits Cris and tells him she has to drop his class because of the grant that she didn't receive. Cris offers her a position to be his assistant and she accepts. Is there a future for Gigi and Cris?

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Matthew/Clint/Rex/Kelly: On Matthew's first day at BE, he walks in on Clint getting an update about David Vickers. However, Matthew only hears enough to figure out his uncle is up to no good. Clint quickly covers by telling Matthew working at BE involves a certain degree of ruthlessness. Clint gets a visit from Kelly. They talk and Kelly manages to steal a BE security card before she leaves. She gives the card to Rex, who uses it to get into Clint's office to do some digging about David Vickers. Rex discovers Clint had David imprisoned in Morocco. Before Rex can leave, Matthew walks in the room and demands to know what Rex is doing there. Rex makes up an excuse and hightails it out of there. Matthew tells Clint what he saw and Clint goes to work.

Before he can take care of the Rex problem, Clint runs into a very upset Inez. He consoles her about her problems with her sons and books another dinner date with her. Clint finds Rex and offers him double what Kelly's paying him if he keeps quiet about what really happened to David. Rex tells him what he can do with his offer. However, after Rex finds out that Gigi's grant fell through at LU, he goes to see Clint. Clint and Rex have it out about their current situation. Later, Rex tells Kelly he didn't find anything about David's whereabouts. Will Rex be able to keep Clint's involvement in David's kidnapping a secret?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (September 27th):

  • Starr tells Blair about her feelings for James.
  • Rex lies to Bo.
  • Hannah starts living with Marty.
  • Todd goes to Viki for help.
  • Greg testifies on Todd's behalf.
  • Natalie and John think Greg is hiding something.