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Say What?! Will The Bold And The Beautiful's Susan Flannery Fly The Coop?

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Well paint me green and call me Gumby! The Bold and the Beautiful's showrunner/head writer Brad Bell has done it again with shocking viewers. Bell spoke with TV Guide'sMichael Logan on the upcoming story dealing with Stephanie (Susan Flannery) being diagnoised with stage 4 lung cancer. Bell gives insight on what viewers can expect.

TV Guide Magazine: This is as horrible a prognosis as a writer could slap on a character. And for Stephanie to refuse treatment makes it even harsher and scarier. What's your thinking here?

Bell: I wanted to create the biggest mountain possible for Stephanie to overcome. It's the weightiest, most intimate and difficult thing she has ever had to wrestle with and to have to share it with Brooke is torture. This is a story about a highly functioning woman that will delve deeply into issues of self-worth and denial. But it's not going to be morbid or depressing. Stephanie is determined to party right into her grave. It'll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Bell also answers the million-dollar question, fans of "La Forrester" are wondering regarding Flannery's status at B&B.

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TV Guide Magazine: You know this news will create mass panic among the Susan Flannery groupies. She even hinted at retirement in an interview a couple of years. Is she leaving the show? [Flannery declined to be interviewed about the new storyline.]

Bell: Susan is as unpredictable as her performances. One never knows. We like to think that things are going to last forever but nothing does. She's done very well on The Bold and the Beautiful and before that on Days of Our Lives, and has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. We certainly hope it continues and we're all hoping Stephanie survives this...