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DAYS' Gering on The Great Safe vs. Ejami Debate: "EJ puts Sami Through Hell,Then Says He Loves Her"

It's the story of a girl caught between a ruthless, blood thirsty monster and an olive-skinned, hunky good boy. No, I'm not talking about that sad little girl from Twilight, who is forever pulling her blasted hair behind her ear! I'm talking the saga of Days of Our Lives' Number One Stunna Sami Brady, as played by Alison Sweeney! In a recent interview with one of Samantha Jean's beaux, Galen Gering (Rafe), has his say on the whole Team Ejami vs. Team Safe debate.

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Recommended Articles It's arguably the hottest debate in Daytime right now. SAFE versus EJAMI. Where do you stand on this one?

Galen: Well, I'm one of the characters who's vying for this girl, so clearly I feel she should be with me. [laughs] I think the reasons are pretty obvious. First and foremost, they love each other. EJ is like the worst possible guy in Rafe's opinion. You know, if Sami doesn't want to be with Rafe, then fine. Just please don't go with EJ! It's pretty clear-cut as far as the character goes. I think Rafe's opinion is that he has his best girl's interests in mind, in addition to the fact that he really cares about her and would do anything for her. I don't think he can say that as far as EJ is concerned. This guy has done so many horrible things over the years that, really, they're without redemption. The latest of them is kidnapping his own daughter and ultimately pretending that the daughter was dead. EJ puts Sami through hell and then says that he loves her? It doesn't really make sense.

Now I'm gonna keep it real here and say even after all the gunplay, kidnappings, blackmail and carrying on, I still lean toward Team Ejami. Sweeney and Scott are like sex on a stick in Time Square pre-Giuliani! But before you go on over to to check out the rest of their chat with Gering, I wanna know what you guys think.

Once and for all, who should Sami be with on Days of Our Lives?

Photo of James Scott by PR Photos