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Fall Into Some DC Blind Items!

Before you put on your jackets to go outside and rake your leaves, settle down for some nice, pumpkin-spiced, DC Fall Blind Items!


Don't be surprised if you learn in a couple of days that an upcoming storyline involving a popular character finding his or herself in mortal danger has more to do with contract negotiations and behind-the-scenes powerplays than storyline.

A recent observer on the set of this soap opera was taken aback at how everyone appears to be walking around in miserable, zombie states—despite all the pronouncements in the press that "everyone loves" the show's Big Cheese.

One soap opera's PR peeps aren't denouncing an online rumor they know good and doggone well isn't true, because the brass wishes it were so! They secretly hope all the buzz online will convince the subject of the rumor to rejoin the serial. 

A beloved, favorite son will return to this soap just in time to grub on some turkey—with a new face.

An incredibly sexy ex-soaper,who moved on to moderate success in primetime and on cable, is up for a much-discussed soap hunk role. 

This soap recently pitched to TPTB the idea of reuniting a popular couple from a cancelled sudser on their show. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at the stats of such an occurence actually working) one half of said couple booked a new soap gig before you could say "Get his or her agent on the phone."

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Look for a recently recast legacy soap character to find his or herself in an interracial romance soon, and no, I ain't talking about Michael Corinthos!

Creatives at a show on a particular network are ticked off about all the interference they receive from the higher ups, when another show runner on their lineup infamously tells TIIC to back off—even refusing to take network meetings—and the boss reluctantly slumps off and leaves that soaper alone.

One thesp's humorous tweets about his or her lack of storyline has not gone unnoticed by the brass, but don't look for it to result in more screentime for the popular soap vet anytime soon. 

Which network exec torments his or her showrunners about all the "awesome talk show pilots" that are coming across his or her desk in order to scare them into complying with network notes?

Which showrunner is itching to try his or her hand at a supernatural storyline, but can't get approval from the network? 

Which actress, who was at one point was griping about wanting to be reunited with her longtime leading man, is perfectly happy to be in a buzz-inducing pairing with the soap's current "It Boy"? Can't say we blame her. Her former lead doesn't know where he is.