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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli is upset with Dante’s interference in his quest for information on the Balkan and wonders how Dante knows about him. Dante insists that Spinelli tell him, but Spin refuses and says he would never tell Dante any information that he gathers. Spinelli blames Dante for Michael and Jason going to prison and the heinous acts that happened there. Dante claims he regrets all that and has done what he can since, namely getting Michael out and ending the Sonny/Johnny war. Doesn’t that earn him credit? Spinelli is not impressed and wishes that Lulu would find out how big a liar Dante is and dump him. I really have to give kudos to both Bradford Anderson and Dominic Zamprogna, because this scene was seriously intense and very soapy.

Siobhan comes to warn Lucky that three Croatian men are looking for him and, at first, offers to help him out. Lucky tells her to leave and she finally does, but not before kissing him.

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Lucky calls Dante for information on the Balkan and Dante warns him that the man is dangerous and to get out while he can. The three men show up and take Lucky away, so he can meet with the Balkan.

When Lulu comes home, Dante tells her the truth, that Lucky is not looking for Luke, but in Ireland at Interpol’s request. Lulu questions what Dante knows about the Balkan, but all he tells her is that he worked a case that involved him.

Sonny and Claire do the nasty and I was forced to fast forward through the whole sordid thing. Unfortunately, I forced myself to listen to their pillow talk which was all about how Sonny wanted to be with her, he’s not playing games and she’s got no regrets. She chose him because she’s seen how lonely he is. Then my ears started bleeding and I had to stop.

Diane drops by to see Max and they find Sonny’s table set with food, so they end up eating the food. When Claire and Sonny come down to eat, they find Dax making out on the ground (seriously, on the ground, people?!). Diane is annoyed to see who Sonny’s bed bunny is and warns Claire that she’s being used.

Brenda insists that she has to go to the gala to raise money for her charity and that she wants Jason to go with her. He claims it’s all about her. Suzanne shows up and impresses upon Jason all the good that Brenda does for the charity, so he agrees to check the security for the event. While he’s gone, Brenda realizes that Suzanne may be smitten by Jason and warns her off. When Jason comes back, he agrees, reluctantly, to escort Brenda to the gala, going so far as to wear a tux.

Carly and Jax discuss getting back together. He says he’s committed to their marriage. She’s scared to take the risk. In the end, they both agree to it, so Jax moves back in. With Jax out of the room, Michael questions the timing of everything, now that Jason is in Rome. Carly insists that’s not why she’s getting back together and claims she’s not threatened by Brenda. Later on, Morgan wonders if it’s necessary that Jax adopt him, since he’ll be his stepfather anyway. I wonder why the heck that adoption hasn’t gone through yet.