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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Drama unfolds for the trio when Dollar Bill announces, at the Jackie M fashion show, that Owen is the father of Bridget's baby. The Knights, along with Bridget, try to come up with a game plan. Shock ripples through the crowd when Jackie admits to Owen being the proud papa to little Logan.


She spots big brother Rick at the Jackie M fashion show and grills him about his plans to break up Owen and Jackie. Later, Rick drags Bridget into a discussion with Owen and Jackie. Bridget pleads with Rick to stop his plans for Jackie. Rick still moves forward and has a deal for Jackie.

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Amber: She asks Bridget about her chances with Rick. Bridget keeps it real with her.

Rick/Jackie/Owen: The Forrester heir is positive that the Knights will split up. Rick comes up with a creative way to seduce Jackie. Owen is not thrilled with Rick's interference in his marriage and has a showdown with him when he sees Rick and Jackie in a suggestive position. Jackie defuses the argument and tells Owen he's the only man for her.

Nick/Agnes: The couple get serious when they declare their feelings for one another.

The Spencers: Bill and Liam's relationship continues to flourish when they have a close moment on Liam's first day at work. Bill gives Liam a special gift and makes a proposal.

Mr. Cooper tells Oliver how he feels about Hope. Oliver is not thrilled and says Liam is the reason he and Hope have called it quits.

Father and son have a close moment with their pro-Brooke stance and disgust with Stephanie.

Brooke/Stephanie: She once again tries to squash the beef that she and Stephanie have. La Forrester isn't trying to hear it and doesn't give up on her animosity towards Brooke. The Forrester clan throws a bash for Stephanie's birthday. When Brooke arrives, Stephanie continues to be hostile towards her. Stephanie collapses at her birthday and is rushed to the ER. Brooke believes her mother-in-law is once again pulling a fast one, but finds a letter that sheds some light on things.

She attempts to bring Brooke and Stephanie closer.

Liam: He apologizes to the Forresters for Bill revealing Bridget's secret regarding her baby.

Steffy: She pitches an idea to Ridge – for him to be on camera.