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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Stephanie figures out Chloe wasn't the one who tampered with the DNA test and thinks Daniel's behind it. Steph deduces Dr. Jonas has much to gain if he rigged the tests. Meanwhile, Adrienne starts to notice Stephanie acting weird and calls sister-in-law Kayla to head back home to deal with her daughter. Kayla arrives while her daughter and Nathan are having a intimate moment.

Once Nathan leaves, Kayla fills Stephanie in on what Adrienne has told her. Steph brushes off her mother's concerns. Kayla knows her eldest is in trouble and won't give up until she finds out what is going on. Later, Kayla listens in on Ian and Stephanie talking and figures out what exactly is going on. Stephanie finally confesses all to Kayla.

Maggie: She discovers an earring of Vivian's on the ground at Isabella's mausoleum.

Lexie: Dr. Carver hides EJ's condition from Stefano.

Stefano: The Phoenix tells Kate he will go after Will if he shot EJ. Later, Stefano realizes Will didn't pop EJ.

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Kate: She plots to kill Stefano after he remarks he will harm Will if he shot EJ.

Daniel: Dr. Jonas warns Ian to steer clear of Nathan and Stephanie's relationship.

Will: He listens in on Lexie telling Abe that EJ whispered Sami's name.

EJ: He wakes up and asks for Sami.

Hope: Fancy Face tries to keep a stiff upper lip, but her facade drops after being jumped yet again.

Victor: He demands Justin file divorce papers.

Brady: He gets a bit nervous after Bo mentions checking into Vivian's vanishing act.