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The Event's Blair Underwood Reveals Why He Left One Life to Live After 3 Short Months

Blair Underwood,who plays a U.S. president of Afro Cuban descent on The Event (premiering tonight on NBC) revealed to the Kansas City Star why he left the role of Bobby Blue on One Life to Live after appearing on the soap for just three months during 1985-86.


Though he was warned about acting, Underwood never seemed like an outsider. After his bit on "The Cosby Show" he landed a gig on the soap "One Life to Live." "I was on for three months because I knew if I really wanted to do nighttime television, if I stayed too long on daytime, it would be harder for the buyers, producers of that genre, to hire me."

After One Life, Underwood landed the game-changing role of Jonathan Rollins on NBC's hit legal soap LA Law and cemented his status as primetime's answer to Denzel Washington. Check out a cheestastic clip of Underwood as Llanview's Bobby Blue arguing with Tina Lord (Andrea Evans) after the jump:

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