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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu worries about Lucky’s safety and wants to help. Dante tells her that going to Ireland would only put Lucky in more danger. Tracy shows up and asks Lulu to contact Lucky and tell him not to continue looking for Luke, that Tracy is okay with living without him. Lulu assures her that she will call Lucky. Once Tracy’s gone, Lulu insists that she’s going to Europe and Dante agrees to go with her. Must be nice to be able to call off sick from work to go overseas for a couple of days.

Jax assures Morgan that being his stepfather is enough and he’s willing to stop the adoption. Morgan’s worried about Sonny. Michael lets Morgan know that he thinks changing the last name to Jacks would be better for Morgan, that it would give him a better life than the one Michael is stuck with. After some thought, Morgan decides to go ahead with the adoption after all. Later on, Michael catches Carly and Jax making out on the couch, becomes very uncomfortable and decides to head back to Dante’s.

Diane tears a strip off of Claire for her lack of common sense in sleeping with Sonny. She claims it will cripple Claire’s career. Claire tells her that she’s already told her superiors that she can’t work on any Corinthos cases, but Diane is not happy and she and Max leave..

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Claire and Sonny have more chit-chat about their relationship and what they saw in each other when they first met. She wonders where they go from here. He asks her to spend the night, but she decides not to push her luck and leaves. Sonny orders Diane back to the house to yell at her for being nasty before. She informs him that Claire is still the same person she was when she came to town to take him down and that when the relationship ends badly, which Diane believes it will, Sonny will be in trouble.

Lisa gets her powerful prescription filled and asks Patrick to go out to dinner, but he politely turns her down, even though he claims he’s looking forward to their Nascar weekend.

Lisa heads over to Mac’s house where she overhears Maxie and Robin discussing the plan to get Lisa. When Maxie leaves, Patrick arrives to bid Emma good night. Lisa lets herself into the house and listens as Patrick and Robin discuss Lisa and how crazy she is. Patrick insists that sleeping with Lisa meant nothing and he’s never loved anyone until Robin. When they head upstairs to bring Emma to bed, Lisa puts the prescription pills in Robin’s case of medicine.

Brenda and Jason go to her gala, where he meets with her boss and continues to protect her. After the gala, Jason insists on spending the night in Brenda’s suite, so she loans him some bedding for the couch. Brenda has a nightmare during the night, so the two discuss various things. She reminisces about them going to the prom together, which is a memory he no longer has. Brenda asks if he’s ever been to Greece. When he starts to discuss it, she tells him to keep talking. since that will help her fall asleep, which she does, safe with him near her.