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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason stops by Brenda's, only to find out from Suzanne that she's gone to a meeting. They discuss the previous night's gala event and the publicity that Brenda generates that sheds light on the plight of the children. Murphy shows up, unhappy about Jason's role in Brenda's life, assuming that he's the one Brenda is hung up on. Jason assures him that's not the case, but Murphy wants him to swear to keep Brenda happy.

Carly drops by Jax' office to let him know how happy she is that they are back together, and doesn't notice that Jax' computer has the story of Jason and Brenda at the gala.

Sam catches Spinelli being secretive with his laptop and, after hounding him, sees that he was looking at the news of Jason and Brenda's night out. Sam claims to be unconcerned by it, saying that it was clearly some gala event. Carly shows up to see if Jason is back and Spin shows her the shot of Brazen together.

Patrick drops by Robin's to discuss the Lisa issue and assure her that his first priority is to protect Emma. Robin's in the process of taking her meds, but hasn't yet, since she's been feeling nauseous. Mac shows up to talk to Robin (looking mighty fine in a purple shirt and tie!). He asks her not to make the same mistake he made in taking Patrick back.

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Ethan shows up at Johnny's to get a haircut. No wait, that's what I wanted him to do. My bad. He's surprised that Johnny is planning a peaceful coexistence with Sonny. Johnny lets Ethan know that Dante found footage of Johnny and forced a truce. Ethan leaves when Claire shows up.

Claire is all up in Johnny's grill about keeping the truce with Sonny, or she's going to rethink the legal issue. Johnny holds his own, letting her know that he's got his own secrets about Sonny, and assures her she doesn't want to start a war. Johnny's disgusted with Claire for clearly falling for Sonny, and tells her she reminds him of Claudia, which does not sit well with Ms. Federal Prosecutor. He tells her that Sonny will use her and dump her.

Olivia pops by Jax's office and is thrilled to hear that he and Carly are back together and making it work. This prompts her to run over to Johnny's and plead her case. She claims to love him and wants to respect him and accept him for who he is. He tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Nikolas is trying to get Brook to dress the part for his dinner but isn't happy with the choices. He asks Maxie over to be Brook's stylist, but Maxie warns Nik against Brook. Brook is angry at the whole thing and takes off. Nikolas finds her at Jake's. They make up and she agrees to be his date.

Lisa asks Patrick to go to Jake's with her and he agrees. Matt overhears and tears a strip off of Patrick for being a dog. Later on, Lisa tells Patrick that she's changed her mind about Jake's and the NASCAR weekend, since he's not free of Robin yet.

Matt drops by Robin's to tell her that Patrick is making moves on Lisa, but Robin tells him the truth – that they are playing Lisa to incriminate her. You know, the more people that know the secret, the worst it's going to get. Robin takes her medication, and it annoys me that a woman who's been taking meds since she was a teenager, and happens to be a doctor, wouldn't notice different meds in her case. Stupid writers.

Jax calls Sam over to his office to discuss the Brazen issue and she claims it's not a big deal, but wonders why Jax has his panties in a bunch. She asks him if he'd rather be in Rome, protecting Brenda, just as Carly walks in and questions the question.