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Passanante on Killing ATWT's Reid: "That it Happened to be a Gay Guy That Died is Completely Arbitrary and Coincidental"

Former As The World Turns head writer Jean Passanante spoke to After Elton and attempted to explain why she decided to hit the best male gay character to ever appear on daytime with an effing train before the end of the serial, rendering Luke (Van Hansis) the only sad person in Happydale.


Asked if she’s aware of the backlash from fans, Passanante answers emphatically that she was. “I am aware of it. I was at the Paley Center doing a panel and a couple of people kind of accosted me – this is before it even aired. … The fact that it happened to be a gay guy that died is completely arbitrary and coincidental. I'm a little stunned that there's this attitude that, you know, we can't interrupt a gay romance, as if we haven't done exactly that with straight romances.”

Really Passanante, really? You really don't understand the attitude? Were you present when Luke and Noah weren't allowed to kiss for months? Were you aware of the international backlash from that? Were you paying attention to fan reaction when Luke and Noah's sex scene consisted of them hugging before going into the other room? And what do you mean "we can't interrupt a gay romance"? That's all you did for most of the time since making Luke gay!

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What about the other soap gays? Did you know anything about the pisspoor wedding for Rianca on All My Children and/or Kish being kicked to the curb? Not that those were your doing, but really, you had noooo idea that hitting Luke's boyfriend with a mother freaking train would cause beaten and bruised fans of gay soap pairings to cry foul?

I will give Passanante this. At least she had the nads to be interviewed by AE. Her current boss Frank Valentini has yet to honestly answer for the bull ish he pulled at One Life to Live six months ago with Kish. And what about those ratings he thought would go up if he gave "Mainstream America" what they wanted? Yep, they didn't improve one bit and the show lost all its buzz, critical acclaim and goodwill. Good job. Awesome.

I really hope daytime stops attempting to tell gay stories. Until they realize that people who are hard wired to screw people who have similar body parts downstairs also buy Chlorox, Pantene and WASH IT! brand feminine hygiene products— not just toothless, hatemongers in Podunk— then it really will never be worth it or done with even a modicum of respect.