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Danielle Staub: "I've Been Called The Susan Lucci of Reality TV"

Poor Susan Lucci. First there was that frustrating streak of Daytime Emmy disses all those years ago; then there was her being the international poster child for a dying daytime once news of her All My Children paycut was broken (Sorry about that one, Suse. My bad!); now comes the latest embarassment for daytime's classiest dame to be unfortunately linked to—Real Housewives of New Jersey castoff Danielle Staub.

In a recent interview with, Staub talked about owning her reality TV villain status by referencing La Lucci.


So how do you hope people see you now as you pursue your own music, your own reality show? If you felt you weren’t portrayed correctly by The Real Housewives, how do you hope to be perceived now?

I don’t have a preconception of how I want people to perceive me. I want to be just me. I mean, I have drama in my life. We have fights in our lives. I have people around me that care, but isn’t it great that you have resolve when you care about other people? And that’s what I want to show — just to keep it real. I think I will always be marked as the realest Housewife [sic]. I kept it real. I made the stage and the platform to keep it real, and I don’t think that anyone would disagree, it won’t be the same without me. But with that said, I’m going to keep that element alive in my own show, because I’ve been called — and I’m going to own up to it — “The Susan Lucci of Reality TV.” I’m fine with that. A villain is sexy if you think about it, and you look at the real definition. She’s not a bad girl, she’s a villain. And I’m the villain, so I’ll own it.

Trick please. You'd have to use a WHOLE lotta Youthful  Essence microderma-whatcha-call-it before you can even THINK of comparing yourself to my Erica Kane!

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