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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly questions Jax and Sam’s discussion of Brenda, but Sam reassures them that, clearly, Jason is over there to help protect Brenda from something and no one should worry. When Sam leaves, Carly needs reassurance from Jax that he’s all about her and doesn’t care about Brenda and her predicaments.

Diane shows up to show Sonny the picture of Brazen together, but he just laughs it off, figuring that Brenda’s in some kind of trouble and that she asked for Jason’s help. Diane warns Sonny, again, that if he plans on running off to find Brenda and leaves Claire in the dust, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Sonny claims that he has no intention of hurting Claire.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s and tells him to go to Rome to help Brenda out of her situation, so that Jason can come home and help with Michael and so that Jax isn’t the one to run to Rome. Sonny tells her that she knows how dysfunctional he and Brenda are together, and wonders why she would want that for him, but she’s all about making sure she doesn’t lose Jax, now that she has him back.

Murphy continues to question Jason and his feelings for Brenda, only to have Brenda show up, angry that they’re discussing her. She assures Murphy that Jason isn’t the man she’s obsessed with, but Murphy’s not really paying attention and leaves.

Suzanne shows up, having found out some things about Jason that do not sit well with her. A known mob hitman hanging out with her charity model might be bad publicity for the charity. She doesn't like it and asks Jason to leave. She and Brenda go a couple of rounds, with Brenda insisting that Jason stay to protect her, but in the end, Suzanne wins.

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Lulu shows her Spencer side by breaking into Lucky’s apartment and finding his ID. Dante’s impressed.

Lucky annoys his guard so much, with his constant chatter, that the man knocks him over. Lucky manages to get himself out of his handcuffs and when the guard comes at him again, Lucky takes him out. Now, I love Jonathan Jackson, but no way does tiny Lucky Spencer get the drop on a meathead three times his size.

Lulu and Dante show up at the bar and question the patrons about Ronan O'Reilly. Everyone gets skittish, including Siobhan (who clearly needs a job, since she seems to spend all her days in a bar!). Lucky shows up and does not seem happy to see Lante.

Patrick asks Lisa over to his place to watch the NASCAR race, but she’s now playing hard to get and asks that they take things slow. He pushes his luck and she tells him that he always wanted her when he couldn’t have her.

Michael shows up at Sam’s, looking for Jason. She tries to get prison information out of him by pretending that it’s Jason who’s been behaving strangely since getting out of Pentonville. Michael’s not biting, but I give kudos to Sam for trying.

Sonny shows up and he and Michael talk about the Brenda issue. Sonny admits he shouldn’t get involved, but that Brenda is special.

Robin’s taking Emma to see Maxie, but seems very confused as to whether she’s supposed to call first or not. Later on, she seems very drowsy at the wheel of the car.

Brenda thanks Jason for coming to help her, and tells him to tell Sonny that she’s fine, so that he won’t worry about her. Jason leaves. Someone rattles the doorknob.