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General Hospital Spoilers!

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Mac arrests Patrick? Did he not get the memo about Lisa being the crazy one? Apparently, Mac thinks Patrick is the guilty party for Robin’s disappearance. Robin escapes from Lisa’s cabin and after taking a tumble down a well, a trapped and drugged, Robin sees Stone. Will Stone give Robin the will to live? Desperate to find his wife, Patrick tries to get clues out of Lisa as to where she might be.

Don’t worry about Uncle Mac… he has his best, unethical cop on the case of Lisa Niles. Mac tells Ronnie to find anything that connects Lisa to Robin’s disappearance. Lisa, however, will try to get Patrick out of the PCPD. Thankfully, Steven is on Team Scrubs as he finds a clue that leads Patrick to the cabin and Robin, as she’s hanging on by a thread in at the bottom of that well. Lisa shows her true crazy and pulls a gun on Robin and Patrick.

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Heroin overdose… Brenda recovers from her heroin overdose, how very model chic. Jason is there and convinces her to return to Port Charles with him. She has to stay away from Sonny though. Sonny is off on a weekend getaway with Claire who has to cut their rendezvous short for work. Brenda’s determination to stay clear from Sonny doesn’t last too long, as Sonny finds her waiting for him when he returns from his weekend away.

Infatuation… Spinelli has a thing for Brenda. Will Maxie’s feathers get ruffled? You bet! Remember, when Brenda returns to her roots, she moves back into the penthouse where Spinelli happily relinquishes his regrettably, pink room for Ms. Barrett. How much trouble can Brenda cause for her roomies? Word is, Sam is not comfortable with Brenda there and Brenda tells Jason that she doesn’t like street walkers stopping by the house.

I don’t hate Lucky’s storyline… I’m just still trying to figure out where it fits, other than the Balkan connection. Lulu and Dante cause some trouble for Lucky, er Ronan, and Siobhan will learn who he really is. Dante wants to know what Lulu’s true intentions are. Is she in Ireland to help her brother or to live an adventure she missed out on?

Dante tells Lucky to get out… will he listen? Hell no! With is cover blown, Lucky takes off after Siobhan. Lucky finds himself arrested for the death of the Balkan’s goons.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Sam wants to break-up with Jason. Is Brenda the reason? Brook Lynn has a panic attack on the way to France. Lulu attacks Agent Bates. Ethan and Maya have yet another conversation about their relationship. Robin will not take her hubby back. Robin and Brenda FINALLY have a heart to heart on our screens. Who’s visiting Lucky in the Irish prison? Jax and Brenda see each other. Robin wants Sonny to follow his heart, which Kristina believes belongs to Brenda.

RUMORS about the Balkan… Who do you think he is? Jason said he thought the Balkan just wanted to grab Brenda. Another assumption was that the Balkan only wanted to disfigure Brenda. Is he Jerry Jacks? With all the RUMORS that Sebastian Roche is returning, could the devious Jacks brother be trying to hurt his baby brother’s one-time love? We know Jerry dealt with and most likely is still dealing with some devilish dudes, but would he really try to hurt Brenda? He did always have a soft spot for Carly.