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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky pretends not to know Lante, who introduce themselves as police officers for Shioban’s sake. Lucky blows them off and he and Shioban discuss all things Ronan ORielly. Later, at his apartment, Lucky is not happy that Lante have shown up and is even madder that Lulu’s being dragged into this mess. Dante warns Lucky about going so deep undercover that he can’t get out and tells him not to make the same mistake he made. Lucky wants Lulu to go home, but I doubt she’s going anywhere.

Michael asks Sonny if he would want Brenda back, but Sonny deflects the question and tells him that the joy of having her back would be worse if he lost her again. Sonny tells Michael a lot of his history with Brenda and claims he doesn’t want to hurt Brenda and that she no longer has a place in his life.

Jason’s heading for the airport as the same two Balkan goons break into Brenda’s place. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the security in that building? The men inject Brenda with some drugs to get her to tell them something. Suzanne calls Jason, worried that Brenda didn’t show up for an event and that she isn’t answering her phone. Jason heads back, in time to shoot both men and save Brenda.

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Brenda is given counteractive drugs and the Interpol agent clears Jason of shooting the two men. Brenda thanks Jason for saving her life.

Patrick goes to Mac to tell him that something has happened to Robin and Emma. He tells him about finding the front door open and Emma’s stuff all over and no sign of the two. At first, Mac seems more concerned with telling Patrick what a horrible person/husband he is; but, eventually, both head out to find the girls.

A police officer finds Robin’s car, wrecked by the side of the road, with adorable Emma still in the back seat. When Patrick and Mac get to the scene, Patrick insists that Lisa is behind this and that she has taken Robin.

Claire goes to the Metrocourt to find Jax, but runs into Carly and tells her to have Jax stay out of her personal life. She’s very happy to inform Carly that she’s been doing the nasty with Sonny and is surprised when Carly claims not to give a crap. Carly sarcastically wishes Claire good luck, because she’s going to need it. When Jax shows up, Carly wonders why he cares about Claire and Sonny. Jax decides to try and persuade Claire’s superiors to get Claire back in line.

Sonny shows up at the Metrocourt for dinner with Claire, but also runs into Carly first. She tells him that she knows what’s happening between him and Claire and he wonders why Claire would have told her. Carly also tells him that Jax is still determined to help Claire bring Sonny down. Sonny wonders why Jax is obsessed, but Carly reminds him that their vendetta goes back to the Brenda days.

Patrick goes to the hospital to speak with Steven. He tells him that Robin’s missing and Lisa is likely the suspect, He asks if he speak to anyone who’s been working with Lisa lately. Steven tells Patrick that a nurse was found dead that day, the same nurse who’s been working with Lisa, who got Lisa’s prescription filled.

Robin wakes up in a cabin in the woods, with Lisa beside her. Robin freaks out, wondering what’s happened to Emma. Lisa plays innocent. She says the cabin belongs to a patient who offered to let her stay for a couple of days, but that when she showed up, Robin was already there, passed out. Lisa starts to natter on about being involved with Patrick, how cold and snippy Robin is and how Patrick obviously needs a break from Robin. All the while, Robin keeps eyeing the front door and gauging the strength of her legs.