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The Cavanaughs Returns With All-New Eppys!

The Cavanaughs, the cute, quirky, heartfelt web sudser about a rag tag group of friends attempting to put on a television show pilot—starring a drag queen (Ginger Snappz as Noreen Cavanaugh)— is back. What The Cavanaughs lacks in big name soap stardom or deafening buzz, it makes up for in heart. I recently caught up with creator and star Adrian Morales to dish the next three episodes of his sitcom-within-a-soap opera.


Daytime Confidential: The Cavanaughs are back with the first of three all-new episodes. Catch us up. Where were the characters when we last saw them?

Adrian Morales: When we last left off, Maddie (Cwennen Corral) quit The Cavanaughs project because she was uncomfortable with the religious jokes in the new script. Bryan (Morales) compromised and went with a different script to get Maddie back on board. Maddie had also reconciled with her former flame Justin (Kevin Makely). Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) licked her wounds about failing to attract Mark's (Grant Landry) attention, and opted to bounce back to her old self with the help of her best friend Scott. Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips) was at a crossroads with what to do with her life after being banished by her parent's for being gay.

DC: What can we expect to see in the next three installments? .

AM:These next three have The Cavanaughs prepping for their first table read of the new script. They have also landeda new producer, who has an agenda all her own. The beautiful Kimberly Fox joins the cast as Hope. It will be revealed that Hope is Justin's ex-girlfriend and Maddie is convinced that Hope has it in for her. We will also see more of Justin as he joins The Cavanaughs crew and is aware that Hope's intentions may not be best for everyone. We will also see more humor with return appearances by Noreen's trusted best friend Beverly Fairfax, and LA-based talk show hosts Dina Martinez and Gregg Potter.

DC: From the earlier episodes, I was really intrigued by the story arc for Charley (Estelle Phillips), an African American woman who came out as a lesbian after ditching her fiance at the altar. What's next for her?

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AM: Poor Charley, she's had a terrible season compared to the other characters. Charley will do her best to remain strongand keep on going. She is determined that by participating in The Cavanaughs, she will get respect from her parents. Fortunately for her, Noreen—our trusted mother hen— will put her foot down and stand up for Charley.

DC: You not only created The Cavanaughs, but you also star as Bryan, the sensitive writer who hasn't gotten over his dead lover Shea. Will we see Bryan's initial spark with Scott develop into something more?

AM: Not with these upcoming episodes. Bryan will have his hands full dealing with the new producer. Scott (Daniel Rhyder) on the other hand, will cross paths with Mark. Scott will see that Mark seems to have it together and will find himself attracted to him just as Sarah is.

DC: In my opinion, The Cavanaughs two breakout characters are Noreen, the matriarchal drag queen, played by Ginger Snappz and Landry as Mark. What's next for their characters?

AM: What works about them is that they are people you want to be around. So with these next three, we are going to see them in their element and helping others. Noreen has created a family with these circle of friends and wants The Cavanaughs to happen. After these three, Noreen will get a romance. Mark meanwhile will also find himself attracted to Scott, much to Sarah's dismay, and question his own sexuality.

Watch the latest episode of The Cavanaughs below. Also, be sure to "like" The Cavanaughs on Facebook.