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Barbara Bloom in Ad Age: "We Really Are Trying to do The Best by Both Our Audience and The Company."

CBS Daytime's Barbara Bloom has been profiled for Advertising Age's "Media Mavens" feature. While the piece has the usual hyperbole and yada, yada, yada we've come to expect from an executive trying to convey why she still deserves to have a job, as her lineup continues to implode on her watch (remember all of Jeff Zucker's fireside chats?), the piece does confirm the decision to cancel Guiding Light and As The World Turns came from above Bloom's curly head.

The article goes on to say Babs will be focusing on raising her gasy, new baby The Talk for the time being. Good, hopefully that means she will be too busy trying to force Sharon Osborne and Holly Robinson to arm wrestle in pig's blood on live TV, to be bothering with The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautuful. Here's what Bloom had to say about how she likes to "empower" her employees to do their jobs.


"I always try to be really clear about what the universe is that I'm operating in," she said. "Am I empowering the people who are working on those shows? That's the way I work." And that's how she pushes forward during times that test TV executives. " We really are trying to do the best by both our audience and the company."

That sound you hear is Maria Arena Bell laughing herself into a fit of hysteria somewhere on Rodeo Drive.

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