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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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A return, a custody battle and a few lies turn things upside down in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for some juicy spoilers for the week of September 27th.


Todd/Dani/Greg/Ross: Todd tries to pull a fast one on Dani when he offers her a ride to court, but she sees right through him. She knows that he intends to take her and run. Todd is upset when his plan doesn't work and goes back to the drawing board. Todd forces Greg to testify on the stand about exactly what Tea wanted for Dani. However, his plan goes down the tubes when Greg testifies that Tea wanted Dani to be with Ross. The judge orders the court into recess to make a final decision on the case. Meanwhile, Destiny pleads with Dani to make a choice of who she wants to raise her. Blair walks in on their conversation and fills the girls in on Greg's testimony. Destiny confronts her brother while Blair tries to keep Todd on the straight and narrow when it comes to Ross.

The judge returns to the courtroom and awards custody of Dani to Ross. Todd can't believe it but still wants visitation rights to see his biological daughter. Ross quickly plays the tape of Todd threatening to kill him to the court. Todd's hopes of visitation rights float out the window as the tape plays and Ross announces that he is taking Dani back to Tahiti as soon as possible to ensure their safety. With Dani set to leave, Todd wants Viki to help him hide Dani from Ross. Viki gives Todd some advice and sends him on his way. Todd and Dani share a tearful goodbye. Will Todd find a way to get Dani back before the situation turns ugly?

John and Natalie brainstorm about why Greg changed his story on the stand. They come up with an idea and test it out. The duo's suspicions lead them to the hospice. Will John and Natalie be able to solve the crime before Eli makes his next move?

Eli: After learning John is still hot on his trail, Eli finds out he needs brain surgery to survive. Will he get the surgery or is it goodbye Eli?

Starr/Blair/Cole: Starr talks to Blair about her mixed feelings for James. Blair gives Starr some advice. Meanwhile, Marty tells Cole to give Hannah some space so she can get her life together. Cole heads home and Starr is waiting for him. They talk and Cole tells Starr that Hannah is staying with his mother. Starr is not happy and ends up talking to Langston about her problems with Cole. Will Starr and Cole be able to work through their problems?

Ford stops James from finding out Langston set him up. James thinks Ford should get a job at the Country Club. Nate wants James to help him keep Dani in Llanview. Later, James comes to Nate's rescue when he has car trouble. (Side Note: For as nice as the cars are in Llanview, they sure do break down often.) Will James come to Nate's aid where Dani is concerned?

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Markko/Langston: Langston and Markko have an awkward encounter at the coffee shop. He tells her he's back in town because his father is having non-life threatening surgery and that's it. The two depart and Langston goes to see Starr. She tells Starr about her conversation with Markko. Langston feels like she should tell the dean the truth about what she did to Ford. Will Langston ever get her act together?

Brody/Jessica: Brody tells Jessica that he is working on coming to terms that the baby she is carrying may not be his. (Side Note: Could he be a bigger hypocrite? Really OLTL? Really?) Soon after, Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid of honor. Will Brody ever come clean with Jessica about his romp with Natalie?

Inez/Nora/Clint/Bo: Inez informs Nora about Clint's hand in getting James a grant to LU. Nora tells Bo what she learned from Inez and he gets suspicious of his brothers sincerity where James is concerned. Later on, Clint tells Inez at dinner that he wants to help Ford as well. Will Bo figure out what Clint has up his sleeve?

Charlie: Charlie gets a visit from a woman from his past. How much trouble will Reva mean, this woman cause for him?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (October 4th):

  • Echo confesses something to Viki
  • Greg is beaten with an inch of his life
  • Darren comforts Destiny
  • Eli and Ross have a confrontation
  • Dani gets the wrong idea about Todd
  • Ford gets good news