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BREAKING NEWS: ABC Family Picks Up Teen Soap From Chuck Pratt and Author of Pretty Little Liars!


Deadline.comis reporting ABC Family has picked up a pilot from the man who almost put All My Children in a soapy grave. That's right kids, Chuck Pratt is back! Acccording to the blog post, Pratt wrote the script for The Lying Game, based on an upcoming Alloy teen novel series from Sara Shepard, who also pens the Pretty Little Liars novels.

What's that they say, you can't keep a good hack down? I kid. I kid. I actually like Pratt in primetime (he did help get Desperate Housewives on the air), but his breakneck pacing and shock for shock's sake writing style never digested quite well with morning joe and bagels. Plus, I admire anyone with hustle. Hell, if soaps ain't doing it for you in daytime, head to primetime is what I say! I just hope he doesn't make any lesbian teens make out with boys.

Now Pratt, if you are reading this, I am an INSANE fan of the Pretty Little Liars franchise and pretty much all things Alloy, so you better not eff this up, or I'll have Portia and Ellen start doing Primetime Pratfalls on that ass!

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