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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin begs Lisa to let her go off on her own, but Lisa insists on Robin staying until she’s feeling better and both of them leaving together, for fear that Robin will tell authorities that Lisa kidnapped her. Lisa wonders why everyone puts Robin on a pedestal, since she sees Robin as a drama queen. Lisa figures that Robin’s HIV status is the reason and claims that’s where all of Robin’s drama comes from.

Lisa mentions Emma, which worries Robin, but Lisa says she doesn’t know where Emma is or what happened to her. She says that she was only bringing her up because she feels sorry for Emma, for having Robin as a mother and that Robin is likely jealous of Emma getting all the attention from Patrick now. When Robin brings up all the things that Lisa has done, Lisa denies everything, but hypothetically says, so what? HIV meds are easy to come by, so what was all the drama about? Robin finally shoves Lisa away and runs out of the cabin into the woods, only to fall down a well. Those darn New York state wells!

Carly and Sonny have a discussion about various things. She finds the timing of his hook up with Claire to be suspicious, right after meeting with Brenda, and wonders if Claire is the consolation prize. She asks if Brenda had asked him to stay, would he have, but he dodges the question and claims he came back for his kids. This brings up a discussion of Dante and Michael and Carly makes her disdain for Dante obvious. Carly asks him if all the brunettes he’s been with, Hannah, Reese, Alexis and now Claire, have managed to keep his mind off the one brunette he can’t have.

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Claire arrives and Carly, off-hand, mentions Brenda’s name. Claire and Sonny head back to his place and she asks about Brenda, but he dodges again. After they’ve done the nasty, he asks if they can go away for a weekend together.

Brenda asks Jason to talk to her about Sonny while she recovers from the drugs. She remembers how happy she was when Sonny proposed, which is why she couldn’t accept Murphy’s proposal. I, for one, don’t believe that she’s still hung up on Sonny, all these years later.

Patrick tries interrogating the staff to find out anything he can about Lisa’s activities during the day, but Steven backs him off. Ronnie shows up to give Patrick an update and says that right now, Lisa is only a person of interest, as there is no evidence that she’s done anything to Robin.

Lucky and Lante discuss his assignment and Lucky is determined to stay and finish the job. Dante decides to help him out, but the Balkan’s two goons find them and, after the shootout, the goons are dead and the police are on their way.

Siobhan shows up at Lucky’s place, only to find Lulu there. Lulu warns her about getting involved with Ronan, but Siobhan insists that Ronan has found God and deserves a second chance.

Robin calls out for help and Lisa hears her, but leaves her in the well. She goes back to the hospital as though nothing’s happened. Patrick asks her to consult on a case. Steven questions Patrick and reveals that Robin is missing. Lisa plays shocked, but Patrick says he doesn’t care what’s happened to Robin, since she’s clearly taken off.