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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Bill: Spencer Sr. gets an interesting offer from Steffy. When he finds out exactly why Steffy made the proposal to him, he agrees, in order to further his own agenda.

Hope: She crushes Oliver's heart by declining to reunite. Hope tells Oliver she's dating Liam now. Meanwhile, Hope finds out that Steffy has set her sights on Liam and decides to have a talk with her step-sister. Steffy lets Hope know that she and Liam will be working really closely together.

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Rick: He shocks Jackie with his suggestion. Jackie informs Rick she loves Owen and is happy being with him.

Nick: He lets Jackie know what the outcome may be if she stays in the situation she is currently in.

Thomas: He, along with his father and grandpa, have a close moment when he defends Brooke.

Stephanie/Brooke: Brooke implores Stephanie to seek medical treatment. La Forrester shoots down that idea and decides to do everything on her "bucket list" instead. Brooke issues an ultimatum to her mother-in-law – get help or she'll snitch to Ridge. Stephanie decides to call Brooke's bluff and forces her to keep her mouth shut.